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The Lactation Consultant Training Certificate Program is housed in the Department of Nutrition and allows students to meet the eligibility requirements to complete the International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Exam and, once students pass the exam, work as a credentialed IBCLC.

There are three pathways to become qualified for the IBCLC exam, according to the International Board of Certified Lactation Examiners (IBCLE).

What is an IBCLC?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants function and contribute as members of the maternal-child health team. They provide care in a variety of settings while making appropriate referrals to other health professionals and community support resources. Working together with mothers, families, policymakers and society, IBCLCs provide expert breastfeeding and lactation care, promote changes that support breastfeeding and help reduce the risks of not breastfeeding.


What can an IBCLC do?

IBCLCs typically work with patients as advanced practice clinicians. They work independently and as members of the maternal-child health team to manage clinical lactation concerns for mother, baby, and family units.

More information can be found on the IBLCE website.

Nutrition Faculty with baby

As baby formula shortages persist, breastfeeding education gets a boost

A new lactation-training program at MSU Denver prepares students to support nursing moms

Staff Directory

Photo of instructor Jennifer Bolton

Jennifer Bolton, PhD, RDN, CLC

Professor | Lactation Program Director

[email protected] 303-615-0990
Dominguez, Donielle

Donielle Dominguez, MS, RDN, CLC

Lactation Certificate Program Coordinator

[email protected] 303-615-0990

MSU Denver Baby Café

The MSU Denver Baby Cafe’s are lactation support groups in the community and free to any community members who would like to participate. We offer groups in both Spanish and English, lactation support and community for postpartum parents. MSU Denver partners with these sites to provide a well-rounded experience to our lactation students as well as serve our community.

Mission and Goals


Prior to applying for the IBLCE exam, all candidates must complete education in 14 health science corequisites. This general education must be completed prior to applying for the exam.

For more information please review the Health Science Education Guide.

Content Requirements
MSU Denver Undergraduate Courses 
MSU Denver Graduate Courses
BIO 1080: General Biology I (3)
Human Anatomy
BIO 2310: Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4)
Human Physiology
BIO 2320: Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4)
Medical Terminology
ITP 1700: Medical Terminology (2)
Basic Nutrition
NUT 2040: Introduction to Nutrition (3) or
NUT 3170: Advanced Human Nutrition (3)
NUT 5010: Macronutrients in Health & Disease (3) or
NUT 5011: Vitamins, Minerals, & Bioactive Compounds in Health & Disease (3)
Cultural Sensitivity
NUT 3300: Cultural Aspects of Nutrition (3) or
SOC 1010: Introduction to Sociology (3)
NUT 5050: Global and Cultural Nutrition Topics (3)
Counseling or Communication Skills
NUT 3700: Nutrition Education & Counseling (3) or
PSY 1001: Introduction to Psychology (3)
NUT 5060: Nutrition Communication Strategies (3)
Infant and Child Growth Development
NUT 4200: Lifecycle Nutrition (3)
NUT 5020: Maternal & Child Nutrition (3)
Clinical Research
NUT 4040: Nutrition Research Design & Evaluation (3)
NUT 5040: Nutrition Research Design & Evaluation (3)
Medical Documentation
NUT 4800: Medical Nutrition Therapy (4)

Admission and Application Requirements

Tuition and Fees



IBCLC Exam Information

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