2023 Alumni Award Winners

Distinguished Alumna(us) of the Year:

Laura Richardson ’86

Alumni Philanthropist of the Year:

Mike and Rachella Seeley ’72

Alumni Volunteers of the Year:

Adama Maia Evans-Segree ’08, Hadiya Evans ’07

Alumni Campus Employee of the Year:

Garrett Chism ’06

10 Under 10 Award Winners:

Horacio Borja-Duran ’19
Justin Darnall ’19
Sarena Espinoza ’18
Yvonne Garcia Bardwell ’16
Diana Ibarra ’13
Abby Lundien ’17
Isahar Mendez-Flores ’18
Brenda Rodriguez-Vera ’21
Ezequiel Villanueva-Ruiz ’22
Kayla Wright-Jackson ’17 & ’19

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