Over 100,000 graduates now call MSU Denver their alma mater, and since graduation, they’ve been BUSY! Roadrunner Networks are a unique way to stay connected with your fellow Roadrunners, engage with the Alumni Association, and to stay connected with the University through volunteer opportunities, attending events, networking and philanthropy.

Active Alumni Networks

Black Alumni Network

Alumni Campus Employee Network

College of Business Recent Alumni Network

Criminal Justice Alumni Network

Master of Health Administration Alumni Network

Latinx Alumni Network

LGBTQ+ Alumni Network

Master of Business Administration Alumni Network

Master of Professional Accountancy Alumni Network

Sports Management Alumni Network

Veteran Alumni Network

Women of MSU Denver Alumni Network

Geographic Alumni Network Chapters

What is a Roadrunner Network?

Groups of alumni, students, and friends of the University who are drawn together based on common interests, and shared experience.  Interacting in-person and virtually, these communities encompass all divisions, graduating classes, regions and professions, and reflect a remarkable diversity of concerns and activities.  Roadrunner Networks can be based on a variety of things including student activity involvement, professional or career affiliation, identity, or geography (regional, state based, etc.). These groups can offer many benefits and services to members such as:

  • Connecting and networking opportunities
  • Professional and personal development
  • Education and exploration
  • Information and resource sharing
  • A sense of community and shared values
  • Service to the University

Types of Roadrunner Networks:

Getting Started

Roadrunner Network Expectations:

  • Must have a president.
  • Must host at least one event per calendar year.
  • Must maintain a network social media account.
  • Must participate as either an ambassador or contributor to MSU Denver Giving Day.

How do I start a new Roadrunner Network?

  1. See if your group already exists by reviewing the list
  2. Review the Roadrunner Network Handbook
  3. Publish an appeal to alumni in the defined region or affinity to identify interest (Contact Alumni Relations for assistance
  4. Identify an alumna/us to serve as President of the Network
  5. Complete and submit the Roadrunner Network Application
  6. Once approved, the Network will start the onboarding process with Alumni Relations staff