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We offer four programs that lead to teacher licensure.

Why is the Alternative Licensure Program (ALP) needed in Colorado?

The Colorado General Assembly recognizes that many school districts often struggle to find qualified individuals to teach their students. As a result, the General Assembly passed legislation that permits individuals with experience in areas other than public school teaching to teach under state regulations for Alternative Licensure Programs.

These programs provide opportunities for people from various educational backgrounds and walks of life to become teachers. They have opened doors to teaching for minority candidates, persons from other careers, the military, and liberal arts higher education.

Who becomes an ALP student candidate?

The ALP is designed for people who want to teach and who possess a Bachelor's Degree, but have not completed an educator preparation program.

MSU Denver ALP candidates who have applied for an Alternative License from the Colorado Department of Education and have been hired as a full-time teacher in any Colorado Front Range area public school district, charter school or accredited private school.

What can I expect, as a student, in the program?

  • Students are full time teachers
  • Students and attend classes one night a week to learn how to become effective teachers
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students can apply for an Initial License for teaching in Colorado provided they have met all of the State requirements.







Program Acronym Key:

ALP = an acronym for the entire Alternative Licensure Program at MSU Denver

ALP1 = the one-year version of the ALP program, only for those with two years of teaching experience

ALP2 = the two-year and most common version of ALP

GenEd = the entire list of the General Education requirements needed for all ALP student candidates

ALP2 SED = ALP Special Education

ALP2 MAT = ALP Master of Teaching in Elementary Education

ALP2 SED MAT = ALP Master of Teaching in Special Education

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