Campus Event Venues

The Office of University Events works in collaboration with AHEC to help clients navigate the event planning process, including identifying the best venue to host your event. Because of the uniqueness of our campus, event venues and space reservations can seem complicated. Our goal is to help you through this process ensuring your upcoming event is a success.

While our office helps manage the MSU Denver event spaces, AHEC manages the remaining campus event spaces. The breakdown and details of each space is outlined below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding booking an event, including assistance with filling out the OUE intake form, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

Booking MSU Denver Spaces

To book JSSB and AES spaces, please fill out this request form and select the spaces you would like to book. The system should indicate which spaces are available. Please note, you must select a date at least 8 days out from today’s date in order for the system to populate available venues. 

To book the CAVEA theater and CAVEA breakout spaces (2), please fill out the OUE intake form.

For events expecting 90+ attendees, we recommend contacting AHEC to book a larger space on campus.

If you need assistance with submitting your space request, please reach out directly to Ned Hoewisch at [email protected].

Booking AHEC Spaces

To book an AHEC space, please visit Auraria Campus Event Services (ACES) to learn more about the services they can provide for your next event. To book an AHEC space, please email [email protected]. You can view a full list of AHEC spaces here.


King Center Spaces

The King Center is different than other AHEC spaces as it’s primary function is lab and instructional space for the programs for which they were built.  

The King Center is only available for summer season rentals mid-May through mid-August. Once the fall semester begins, the facility returns to its intended purpose of supporting the campus’ Performing Arts departments as instructional, lab, and performance space. Performance and support facilities may not be scheduled by any other programs for use during the fall and spring academic semesters. This includes use by any other on-campus departments, student organizations, or off-campus commercial clients.  

King Center Chit System

Each of the Deans overseeing the performing arts departments and each of the Executive officers (President or Chancellor) of the resident institutions may request an exception to this once every fall and spring semester. These exceptions of usage are called a chit. The request needs to be submitted to the tri‐institutional King Center Advisory Committee for review and approval. 

If approved, these exceptions would be free of charges and limited to a length of four hours. Any use beyond four hours would be assessed the standard campus rental fee. 

Contact Adam Popovich to discuss your individual needs, or to obtain more information on policies and space availability. 

For more information, please visit the King Center’s website.

Venue Reservation Policies

For MSU Denver space reservations, each venue may be scheduled by recognized student organizations, campus departments, and members of the community. When spaces are scheduled, the individual and/or the group must accept certain conditions of use as follows: (Note: These conditions also apply to all special use facilities)

  • Accept responsibility for sponsoring and supervising the program. Guests of an event are further expected to abide by all policies and procedures. In addition, students and student organizations acknowledge that they must understand and adhere to their respective institution’s student code of conduct.
  • Accept responsibility for ensuring the spaces are used for the purposes for which they are scheduled. The event sponsor understands that if it is determined that the event has been misrepresented, the event may be canceled.
  • Accept responsibility for operating costs (which includes, but is not limited to, rental fees, non-routine clean-up, security, etc.) and for reimbursing the Department of Facilities for damage to property or facilities, which might occur in connection with the scheduled activity.
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the event in the scheduled spaces complies with the agency, local, state, and federal regulations and laws. ACES may require that adequate security and custodial measures be taken to provide protection, cleanliness, and safety for persons in attendance at an event and the protection of campus property.
  • Any flyers for events that are taped to the doors, windows, and/or walls must be done ONLY with painters’ tape (blue tape), if flyers are taped with other forms of tape, tacks, etc., they will be immediately taken down by Facilities
  • Nothing is to be hung from the ceiling, ceiling tile, or sprinkler heads.
  • Students and student organizations acknowledge that they must understand and adhere to their respective institution’s student code of conduct. In addition, students and student organizations will need to appoint a MSU Denver employee who will be on-site for the duration of the event and whose office will be assuming liability/responsibility for the event, all of which will help ensure adherence to our institution’s student code of conduct.

For AHEC space reservations, please review AHEC event services policies and procedures here.