What is the intake form?

The OUE intake form helps our team collect all necessary information from the event coordinator so that our team can provide the best service to fit each clients needs.

Please fill out the intake form below. Once a request has been submitted, the University Events team will review and determine the level of support we’re able to provide. Depending on the request, our decision for an event support request or booking request for an MSU Denver venue will be weighed on our team’s capacity, scheduling and the tiered levels of support. Once you submit your information, a representative from the OUE team will follow up to confirm how we can support.

While the University Events team may not always be able to provide full support to each event request, the team has cultivated a gallery of training, resources and best practices.

For events with a giving component or alumni involvement, please fill out the event registration page request form here. Otherwise, events that are revenue generated and not philanthropic (e.g. book sales, T-shirt sales, or event registrations)., the University has a platform CASHNET to provide backend support. This option is used when an event does not fall in line with one of the 4 tiers, and this may occur if the event is outside the scope and mission of University Events.  *Revenue generated from Cashnet flows to the University Auxiliary accounts and not MSU Denver Foundation accounts.* Please contact Christina Botello at [email protected].

OUE Intake Form

Expect to spend around 7-10 minutes completing the form. Our team will review and determine how we can support. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] if you need assistance.

Fill Out The Intake Form Here.

Event Coordinator Responsibilities

What defines an event coordinator and what are they typically responsible for?

The event coordinator is the individual typically responsible for providing

  • programming
  • agendas
  • budget documents
  • booking the event space
  • being the liaison for the office/organization
  • catering coordination
  • clean up after an event
  • alcohol permits
  • sound permits
  • rentals
  • Auraria PD requests/scheduling

Please note, the event coordinator is liable for their event and must be on-site throughout the duration of the event. 

Internal vs. External Clients

What is the difference between internal and external clients?

Internal clients are departments, offices, or individuals within MSU Denver, and can also include internal clients who are co-sponsoring an event with an external client.

External clients are organizations, groups or individuals outside of MSU Denver who are hosting events that are not associated with MSU Denver.

Please contact OUE if you need help determining which client type to select.