TREP creates the opportunity for students in an educator pathway to concurrently enroll in college courses at MSU Denver and earn college credit at no tuition costs to them or their families for up to two years after the 12th grade. TREP students may be responsible for mandatory fees, textbooks, and/or supplies.

By taking advantage of this program, Colorado students will gain access to the University’s courses, save money, and build confidence in their academic ability to do college coursework while working towards becoming an educator. Students will also have access to many campus resources when they enroll in the program and a dedicated College Credit in High School (CCHS) advisor to help them navigate their first two years of college.

The program is open to any eligible student in a participating school district in Colorado. Students must following the teaching career pathway, have completed or are on track to complete the courses and/or experiences specified in the teaching career pathway in their 12th grade year of high school and enroll in college courses identified in the teaching career pathway for the fifth and sixth-years, meet the minimum MSU Denver course perquisites, meet their high school’s standards, and be selected by their high school for participation.

Earned credits are transferrable to most other regionally accredited colleges and universities. The receiving institution will determine whether transfer credit is accepted.

How to earn College Credit for TREP at MSU Denver

  1. Complete your high school’s TREP process and be selected by your school for TREP participation.
  2. Complete the MSU Denver Undergraduate Admissions Application and be accepted for admissions (it is advised that you use your personal email address, not a high school-issued email address).
  3. Ensure that you have applied for and authorized the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend, which pays for a portion of in-state tuition on every course credit you take. Visit MSU Denver’s website on COF to authorize.
  4. Complete the TREP Agreement form with your school or school district TREP coordinator. Submit your completed form to [email protected].
  5. All TREP students attending on-campus or online should arrange a meeting with their College Credit in High School (CCHS) advisor to go over the specific tasks to complete. Please email [email protected] to request an appointment. In your email, please include 1) your full name, 2) your high school/district, and 3) options for your availability to schedule your meeting with your CCHS advisor.
    • Your CCHS advisor may also connect you with your academic advisor to help you plan your courses for the major you intend to pursue.
  6. Follow the My First Login instructions to access your MSU Denver email and student account. If you need assistance, contact the IT Helpdesk at (303) 352-7548.
    • Using your NetID (the portion of your email before the and the new password, you can access your Student Hub, which is where you will find quick access links to your email account, registration, Canvas Learning, advising, class schedules, grades, and tuition and mandatory fees payment.
    • You may also want to download and use the Microsoft Authenticator app to manage MSU Denver’s two-step account sign-in verification process (highly recommended).
    • IMPORTANT – You understand that your MSU Denver student email is the only method MSU Denver staff and instructors will use to communicate with you.
  7. Submit Official Transcripts. You have taken CE or DE, Advanced Placement (AP), and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes and exams while in high school which you may receive equivalent MSU Denver credit. For equivalent credits to apply to your degree at MSU Denver, you must request official transcripts/score reports to be sent to MSU Denver from the college, university, or AP/IB. This is very important so that you do not duplicate classes you may already have credit and lose credits you have already earned.
    • If you indicated MSU Denver as the university to send your initial AP or IB score report, you do not need to request an additional official score report.
    • If you need assistance with these processes, email [email protected] or reach out to your high school or school district TREP coordinator.
  8. Sign up for student orientation. TREP students are required to attend a First-Time College Students Orientation before registering for classes. As soon as you are accepted for admissions, have set up your student account, and dates are available make sure to sign up to secure your spot.
    • You will also receive academic advising at student orientation and register for classes in your Student Hub.
    • Students must satisfy the minimum MSU Denver course prerequisites and all required English/Math assessments (such as SAT, ACT, ACCUPLACER, and/or MSU Denver First Year Writing Placement) before enrolling. You can sign up to take the MSU Denver ACCUPLACER for Math Placement or the MSU Denver First Year Writing Placement for English to meet course prerequisites, if required.
    • For schedule changes needed after attending student orientation, reach out to your academic advisor or CCHS advisor by emailing [email protected]. You can find a list of academic advisors by major via the Advisor Directory link.
  9. Get your campus ID card online or at the Tivoli Station ID Station. You will need a valid government issued photo ID and your class schedule to obtain your campus ID card.
  10. Get your RTD CollegePass online or at the Tivoli Station ID Station. You will need your campus ID card and be registered for classes to purchase your RTD CollegePass. If your high school or school district is paying for your RTD CollegePass, work with your high school or school district TREP coordinator to get your RTD CollegePass.
  11. Visit the Tivoli Station Bookstore to purchase your textbooks and supplies. If your school is paying for your textbooks, work with your high school or school district TREP coordinator to get your textbooks.
  12. Explore and become familiar with the Auraria Campus map to locate your classrooms.
  13. If you are responsible for self-paying your mandatory fees, you will need to pay via your Student Hub or at the Cashier’s Office (located in the Jordan Student Success Building – JSSB, Counter 5) by the end of each semester you are enrolled in classes. Please note that you may still receive payment due notifications throughout the semester but please know that TREP students have more time to pay their balance and these notifications do not apply to you.
  14. Plan to attend the CCHS ASCENT and TREP Kickoff Event in early-August before classes begin in your first semester. We are excited to connect with you at this event and important TREP program information will be shared.
  15. Complete a mid-semester check-in with your CCHS advisor. Fall semester by 10/25, spring semester by 3/20, and summer semester by 7/10.

TREP at MSU Denver is offered as a state-funded College Opportunity Fund (COF) eligible programs.

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