The MSU Denver Math department uses the Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics test (QAS) and the Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions test (AAF) to place students in college level math courses. Math courses have different placement requirements, please see the links below for details. There is no charge for math placement tests, students may test a maximum of five times in a year.

Do I need to take a Math placement test?

Math placement test requirements vary by course, and math course requirements vary by major. If undecided about a major students may consider completing both available Math placement tests to determine eligibility regardless of the major you choose.

MSU Denver students may use SAT or ACT math subscores or Accuplacer Math Placement tests for registering in first year Math courses. Students with ACT or SAT scores that are too low to place in a course should take an Accuplacer Math placement test. Students that have completed math courses at other institutions, including concurrent enrollment courses, may be able to place in math courses with that credit. Please consult with your academic advisor regarding evaluation of previous credit.

MSU Denver “Cut Score Matrix” showing math placement exams required for different courses: Math Placement Test Score Chart

List of math course requirements by major: Math Course Requirements by Major

List of math course prerequisites: Prerequisite List

New students who are unsure which placement tests are necessary can meet with their advisor via SSC Navigate, or set an advising appointment.


Testing at home for math placement:

Testing Services is offering Math virtual proctoring placement tests (take at home) via this request form:  Request Math Distance Test.

Accuplacer Math placement tests are available to be taken at home using a high-speed internet connection and a webcam. Test administrations must be monitored using a webcam by a remote proctoring service.


Testing on campus for math placement:

Accuplacer math placement tests are available on campus in Tivoli Room 347. Drop-in testing is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. Please bring a photo ID and your student ID number.


Tutoring Center help for Math Placement Tests:

Additional study resources are available at the Student Academic Success Tutoring Center located in Student Success Building room 230. Please click HERE for information on FREE Tutoring and help with Accuplacer test preparation including practice questions.


Math Department help for Math Placement Tests:

Click HERE to see information on MSU Denver Math Department preparation sessions. (Updated schedule pending, please check back for details).


Official Accuplacer Study Guide:

Click HERE to download the free Accuplacer study guide.