About The Center for Legal Studies

MSU Denver’s Innovative and Lifelong Learning in conjunction with The Center for Legal Studies offers noncredit certificate courses in different legal disciplines. These noncredit certificate courses are provided by the Center for Legal Studies and are available in various formats with completion times ranging from six-weeks to one year.

Courses and certificates offered

The following noncredit certificate courses are now being offered:

Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course: Advanced topics build upon the paralegal Certificate Online Course from the Center for Legal Studies in partnership with MSU Denver and BARBRI. Classes are available to students who wish to extensively build upon their knowledge of law and paralegal studies with classes in specialized facets of contemporary law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Course: Enroll in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Course at the Center for Legal Studies with MSU Denver, and immerse yourself in an exploration of dispute resolution and litigation. The course focuses on traditional and nontraditional dispute resolution options. This course is designed to train and qualify students to develop or participate in conflict mediation processes. The course focuses on traditional and nontraditional dispute resolution options. Graduates can become mediators, arbitrators, or conflict resolution specialists, contributing to constructive conflict resolution in legal practices, corporate settings, or specialized agencies.

Legal Investigation Certificate Course: This course is designed for those interested in pursuing a new career and those working in the legal field. When completed, students will be qualified to assist attorneys, insurance companies, and state and federal governments, in the process of civil and criminal investigation.

Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course: Bridge the gap between medicine and the judicial system and build on your medical expertise and clinical experience. Learn the role of the legal nurse consultant in litigation areas such as: medical malpractice, toxic torts, products liability, personal injury, emotional distress, wrongful death, and workers compensation. This specialized training equips you with the skills to bridge the gap between healthcare and legal systems, opening doors to diverse opportunities in legal studies and healthcare law. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with law firms, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Legal Secretary Certificate Course: This program is designed for beginning and experienced secretaries who are interested in improving their skills and working within the law office. Discover the flexibility of our online legal secretary course, offering a professional platform to enhance your skills and proficiency through specialized legal secretary training.

Paralegal Certificate Course: This intensive, nationally acclaimed program is designed for beginning as well as advanced legal workers. Students will be trained to assist trial lawyers, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law and assist in preparing cases for litigation. The 84 hours of instruction are provided by the Center for Legal Studies. MSU Denver students who partake in this paralegal certification course will learn foundational skills towards becoming a paralegal or legal assistant such as conducting legal research, drafting documents, managing cases, interacting with clients, filing court documents, preparing for trials, using legal software, and handling administrative tasks such as scheduling and correspondence.

Victim Advocacy Certificate Course: This course will prepare participants in victim advocacy arenas: domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, crisis hotlines, and with state/county governments to assist crime victims in progressing through the criminal justice system and toward successful recovery. This partnership with MSU Denver and the Center for Legal Studies allows participants of the victim advocate training online course to prepare for roles in domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, and the criminal justice system.

For more detailed course information including syllabi, schedules, registration information, and textbooks, click here.

For students seeking a credit-bearing program, MSU Denver also offers a Legal Studies Minor through the Department of Political Science.

The Center for Legal Studies is an educational partner of MSU Denver

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