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Please review this webpage for a summary of important forms and resources to support your academic success at MSU Denver.

College Catalog

A comprehensive list of all academic policy is listed in the College Catalog.

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For Students

A welcome page for CHHS students.

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Four Year Degree Plans

4-year degree plans ranging from 2012 to current.

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Academic Advising

Our team of professional academic advisors are here to support you.

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Forms for Students

Managing Your College Schedule

Students can use this fillable form to help them prioritize activities and aspects of their daily lives as well as plan out their schedules to balance life with education.
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Declaration/Change of Majors and Minors

This form is for students who are declaring or changing their currently declared major or minor.  Student must complete this form and take it to the respective major or minor department for signatures.
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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA protects your student educational records. In compliance with FERPA, MSU Denver will not release your educational records to anyone but you, unless you specifically ask us to do so.
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Grade Appeal Petition

For students appealing a grade in a course. Students need to review the Grade Policy and Procedures Manual before filing a petition.
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This form is used for students to request a Pass/Fail option for a class, as opposed to normal grading options of A, B, C, D, F. This is restricted to general elective classes only.
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Petition for Course Overload Exception
For students who wish to enroll in more credits beyond the maximum set for a semester.
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Time Conflict Form

If you receive a registration error indicating a time conflict, you may need this form.
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Transfer Course Approval

For students who have a course that did not transfer after Transfer Services has completed an official transfer evaluation of their credits. Take a copy of this form to the academic department that offers the course at MSU Denver for approval (e.g., if it is a math course, contact the Math department).
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Transfer Previous Degree

If a program requires that certain previous coursework be pulled out of a student’s first degree and applied to their program at MSU Denver so it appears on their Degree Progress report, a departmental advisor must complete this form.
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Tuition and Fees Appeal

The tuition and fee appeal process is available to students who feel they warrant an exception to the Withdrawal/Refund Policies as listed in the Class Schedule for the appealed semester due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control.
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