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Distinguished Professor Biography

Angela Valenzuela Ph.D.

Angela Valenzuela, Ph.D.Angela Valenzuela, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the Director of the Texas Center for Education Policy. Previously, she taught in the Department of Sociology at Rice University in Houston (1990-98), and she was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Houston (1998-99). She completed her Ph.D. at Stanford University. She is the author of the award-winning book, Subtractive Schooling: U.S.-Mexican Youth and the Politics of Caring (1999), Leaving Children Behind:  How “Texas-style” Accountability Fails Latino Youth (2005), and Growing Critically Conscious Teachers: A Social Justice Curriculum for Educators of Latino/a Youth (2016). She also founded and operates an education blog titled, Educational Equity, Politics, and Policy in Texas. 

Dr. Valenzuela serves on the LULAC National Task Force on Higher Education, and she is the Executive Director of the National Latina/o Education Research and Policy Project (NLERAPP), a consortium of ten institutions that enhances teaching for high school youth in Texas, California, Wisconsin, Chicago, New York, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Currently, she is also a member of the Biden-Harris Transition Team, focusing on education policy.

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