Revolutionizing Colorado’s health care

MSU Denver’s Gina and Frank Day Health Institute develops the next generation of health-care professionals with a radically different approach to applied education.  

Spanning 10 academic departments, students learn alongside experts both in and out of the classroom, modeling the interdisciplinary needs of today’s in-demand healthcare industry.  

And at the center is access, for individuals and communities to change what health and wellness looks like.


Here’s our prescription for change:


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Workforce Development

#1 Job Sector in State Health Care and Social Assistance, 2022 Colorado Workforce Development Council report.

Colorado is in dire need of health professionals. With excellent preparation, unparalleled value, and 600+ community partnerships, the Health Institute is ready to meet that need.

Taking a Whole-person Approach

94% of Health Scholar students continued their next semester or graduated

Health doesn’t exist in a vacuum – and neither should professional training.

Interdisciplinary instruction encourages a holistic approach to patient care, preparing Institute graduates to change Colorado’s health systems for the better. And with the right support structures in place, our students become the next generation of versatile health care changemakers.

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Supporting Diversity and Health Equity

Nearly 54% of MSU Denver’s population are students of color.

In Colorado, the greatest indicator of your lifespan is your ZIP code. We’re changing that.

Sponsored health-scholar cohort programs support underrepresented students pursuing health career fields as the Health Institute prepares employers to attract and retain diverse staff.

Our Programs

Health Scholar Programs

Health Scholars Programs are unique wraparound support services to ensure our students transition from the classroom into meaningful careers in Colorado’s health care industry.   

Students become culturally responsive practitioners through professional and personal development opportunities of study, research, volunteering and shadowing.  

Stipends and scholarships are also available to help students focus on their education more than their bills.  

Visit the pages to learn more, or email [email protected]   

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Meet our amazing staff

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