What To Expect...

Once the deadline for the Noyce U۰R STEM Scholar application has passed, the process will unfold as follows:

  1. The leadership team will meet to review the applications received and determine which applicants to invite for an interview.
  2. Applicants selected for an interview will receive an email notifying them of their candidacy and will work with the team to schedule an interview day/time (interviews will take place over Zoom).
  3. Candidates will meet with the leadership team during their scheduled interview time (typically a 30 min meeting).
  4. After the interview is complete, the leadership team will discuss the candidates’ readiness for participation in the Noyce U۰R STEM Scholars Program and determine whether they would be awarded the scholarship.
    • If it is determined the candidate could use more time to develop and/or clarify their commitment to teaching and the requirements of the Noyce Scholarship, an offer may be made to become a Noyce Fellow as a pathway to the scholarship.
  5. All candidates will be notified of their offer by email.
  6. Those selected will be required to attend the Noyce U۰R STEM Scholar Recognition event; this a fun gathering for new Noyce Scholars and Fellows to meet their peers in the Noyce community.
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Scholars & Fellows - What's the Difference?

Noyce Scholar

Acceptance of the Noyce U۰R STEM Scholarship includes academic and professional commitments.

  • Scholars will need to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Janelle Johnson to review these obligations and commitments and sign the promissory note
  • Meet with Financial Aid each semester in which the scholarship is awarded
    • This meeting ensures that the scholarship funds we are offering serve as a benefit and do not negatively impact the Scholar’s financial aid package in any way
  • Attend all required events
  • Complete 160 hours of professional development per semester (LA, tutoring, field hours, etc.)
  • Please note: Noyce Scholars are not allowed to work outside jobs while participating in the program
    • The scholarship money awarded is meant to pay Scholars for their professional development time allowing Scholars to focus on their studies and requirements for teaching licensure
  • Remember that if you decide to accept the Noyce U۰R STEM Scholarship, you are committing to being an ambassador for MSU Denver and for the National Science Foundation Noyce Program

Noyce Fellow

Benefits of becoming a Noyce U۰R STEM Pathway Fellow:

  • Up to $1,000 value towards (books, technology, professional memberships, etc.)
  • Preference for future U۰R STEM Scholarship applications
  • Fellowship award to include on your resume
  • Tailored one-on-one advising from the Noyce U۰R STEM faculty in education and math or science
  • Tailored capacity building, professional development and scholarship preparation
  • Near-peer mentorship by current Noyce Scholars and Teachers
  • Participation in the Noyce U۰R STEM community and all professional development events
  • Preference for positions in the Center for Advanced STEM Education (CASE) including tutoring, Learning Assistantships, and mentoring in Summer STEM programs

Professional Development Commitment

All Noyce Scholars are required to complete 160 professional development (PD) hours per semester in lieu of outside employment. The intent of this requirement is to prepare you to become a confident, flexible, and effective teacher.


The breakdown of PD hours includes:

  • Core Events                                                   16 hrs
  • Teaching activities                                        80-136 hrs
  • Research (optional)                                      0-40 hrs
  • Professional learning & development          8-64 hrs



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