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Undergraduate Studies at MSU Denver


A picture of Auraria Campus with a view towards downtown Denver

Undergraduate Studies at MSU Denver is comprised of academic and co-curricular programs which support student success and work in partnership with faculty to enhance the undergraduate experience.


The mission of Undergraduate Studies is to deliver a deeply engaging, transformative educational experience for students through institution-wide collaboration, enhancing academic programs with High-Impact Practices and individualized guidance.

 We achieve this through:

  • Interdisciplinary and innovative learning
  • Experiential and global education
  • Metacognitive development
  • In-depth and creative scholarship


The following programs and units form Undergraduate Studies: Advising Systems, the Center for Individualized Learning, the Honors Program, International Studies, One World One Water Center, Supplemental Instruction, the Tutoring Center, Undergraduate Research, the Writing Center, and Army ROTC.  Undergraduate Studies also maintains close ties with the Classroom to Career Hub (C2 Hub).

The goals of these programs are to deeply engage students in their education journey, help them achieve their full potential as undergraduate scholars, and launch them as successful professionals and community members.  Students who participate in these programs typically exhibit the following characteristics:

  • ability to self-advocate
  • interest in engaging on campus and in the broader community
  • intentionality in developing a plan for learning and professional development
  • awarenesss of the importance of self-authorship
  • adept at synthesizing their learning and articulating their educational journey


photo of Elizabeth Parmelee

Dr. Elizabeth Parmelee is the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies.

She can be contacted at, 303-615-0409.


photo of Jill Lange

Jill Lange is the Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies. 

She can be contacted at, 303-605-5853.  If you would like to schedule a meeting with Dr. Parmelee, please contact Jill to confirm the scheduling arrangements.

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