These are the 10 programs and units that constitute Undergraduate Studies:

Advising Systems

Through leadership, collaboration, coordination, and implementation, Advising Systems facilitates with MSU Denver stakeholders in the academic support of student retention and graduation.  The major programs included in Advising Systems are: Academic Advisor training; Academic Advisor professional development; Management of the SSC Navigate platforms; The Early Alert program; and Student Intervention Services (SIS).


The Army ROTC program focuses on attracting top quality Scholar-Athlete-Leaders from the Auraria Campus as well as high schools, partnerships, and affiliates colleges.  The program assists students in becoming the future leaders of the United States Army by developing their leadership abilities and instilling responsibility and integrity, as well as a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Center for Individualized Learning

Sara Jackson Shumate, Ph.D.
The Center for Individualized Learning (CIL) houses the Individualized Degree Program, which enables students to craft their own majors, and the Metro Meritus program, which allows individuals age 60 years or older to participate in courses offered by MSU Denver for free on a non-credit basis.




Honors Program

The Honors Program is a community of highly motivated and academically adventurous students and faculty dedicated to working together to attain new levels of achievement. The program is designed to develop in students the ability to apply critical and creative thinking as well as conduct high-quality research and creative work.


Office of International Studies

The Office of International Studies promotes MSU Denver’s mission of providing lifelong learning experiences in the context of a multicultural and global environment.  It focuses on creating opportunities for students and faculty through development of study abroad courses, enhancing internationalization of curricula, and building international partnerships.  The office also collaborates with various departments to seek grant funds for realizing these initiatives.


One World One Water Center

The One World One Water Center (“OWOW”) is

a collaboration between the Metropolitan State University of Denver and Denver Botanic Gardens.  The partnership presents an opportunity to build on and expand joint initiatives on water issues.  This allows OWOW to: (1) expand the reach and breadth of educational programs on water and environmental issues; (2) attract funding for joint research in these areas; and (3) raise awareness of water and the environment through collaborative water stewardship.


Student Academic Services

Hediyeh Arasteh.

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program supports students enrolled in traditionally difficult courses by offering free, regularly scheduled group study sessions facilitated by SI Leaders (current students who previously succeeded in the course of study).  Additionally, SI Leaders support faculty who teach those courses by preparing weekly collaborative sessions which help students develop effective learning strategies while engaging in the most challenging course material.

The Tutoring Center supports all students by offering free, one-on-one, and group tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects.  It is not just for students having difficulties with course materials but also for those looking to better excel in their academic pursuits.


Undergraduate Research & Creative Scholarship Program

Headshot of Kristy Duran

The Undergraduate Research & Creative Scholarship Program at MSU Denver promotes, supports, and celebrates faculty and student engagement in undergraduate research activities.  These undergraduate research experiences enhance students’ preparedness and competitiveness for future employment and the pursuit of advanced degrees.  The program helps students with research and creative scholarship opportunities, supports them through programming and grants, and showcases their accomplishments at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference.  It also offers programming to support faculty mentors.

The program also oversees The Rowdy Scholar, an online, open-access multi-disciplinary scholarly research journal publishing original research and creative works, including but not limited to works prepared for classes, honors theses, or independent study by undergraduate students at MSU Denver.


Writing Center

The Writing Center helps individuals become stronger, more confident writers by developing healthy writing processes, metacognitive awareness, and a broad repertoire of writing strategies – for MSU Denver students, faculty, alumni, and community members who want to become stronger writers.