About the CAESS

Did you know that different iterations of the CAESS over time have had different points of focus? The CAESS group that was involved in the realignment exploration a few years ago is different from the current CAESS. Though the groups share the same name, the membership and leadership was switched out in January 2019. The new group, co-chaired by Kristy Lyons and Sean Petranovich, was tasked with focusing on retention and has been exploring ways for the university to foster student persistence through to graduation. You can read about the new CAESS group’s work here:




CAESS Members

  • Kristy Lyons (co-chair)
  • Sean Petranovich (co-chair)
  • Lunden MacDonald
  • Rebecca Gorman-O’Neill
  • Jeff Hammond
  • Zsuzsa Balogh
  • Cynthia Dormer
  • Sam Borrego
  • Soj Sirivanchai
  • Gregory Sullivan
  • Amanda McClure

Our Research

We’ll be posting some of our group’s research here soon. Please check back!