Types of Aid

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Applying at the Graduate Level

Applying for aid at the graduate level is easier than undergraduate however there are not as many scholarship and grant opportunities. Federally, there is only the unsubsidized loan. Please contact your Graduate department for information on scholarship/grant/assistantship opportunities.

Please apply to CASFA or FAFSA, whichever applies to you.

Graduate Aid Options

Understanding Graduate Aid

Federal Verification

Disbursement of Aid

Accepting Graduate Aid

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What next?

In order to receive financial aid, you will need provide information to the federal government and have the information processed by our office. Once this has occurred, your aid may be awarded once your file is considered complete.

Graduate students will be awarded based on half-time enrollment each aid year.  Half-time enrollment for graduate students is based on 3 graduate credit hours each semester.  Graduate students must be enrolled in at least half-time to be eligible for Federal Direct Stafford Loans.  For enrollment less than half-time the Office of Financial Aid will not be able to process any aid requests.  Any student that is registered more than half-time may request for an increase in their budget based off of the tuition amount they are being charged for their courses.

How to Accept Federal Direct Loans Using Student Hub


  • Login to Student Hub.
  • Select the “Financial Aid & Scholarships” tab.
  • Select “My Award Information”.
  • Select “Award By Aid Year (Accept Award Offers)”.
  • Select aid year.
  • Select “Terms and Conditions” tab. If incomplete, read and accept before continuing.
  • Click on “Accept Full Amount All Awards” to accept the full loan amount. Please note: For both of these options, the dollar amount accepted is for two semesters OR
  • On the line marked “Federal Subsidized Loan Offered” or “Federal Unsubsidized Loan Offered”, select “Accept”. Then enter the total dollar amount (cannot exceed offered amount) that you would like to accept. Click on “Submit Decision”


Before receiving a Federal Direct Loan, borrowers are required to complete a student loan entrance counseling interview. This quick and easy interactive counseling session provides useful tips and tools to help you develop a budget for managing your educational expenses. It also helps you understand your loan responsibilities when you enter repayment.


The Master Promissory Note (MPN) is required to be completed by each borrower. The MPN is a legal contract that binds you to the federal government. Signing this document indicates that you promise to repay the student loan you are taking out. The master promissory note also includes important language about rights and responsibilities as a borrower. Both subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loans are covered under the master promissory note.

Getting Awards

Managing Graduate Aid

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Once you have your financial aid, you will need to maintain good standing with the University to keep your aid. Please refer to the information below, specifically the Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.


Be sure to select Satisfactory Academic Progress on the drop down. Processing times may vary.

Submit a SAPGR Here!

Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAPGR)