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About Music Degrees

The Metropolitan State University of Denver is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music and offers three types of music degrees (Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, and Bachelor of Arts) with a variety of concentrations and a minor.

All music degrees and the minor require a successful audition into MUS 1710, Private Instruction I.

Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music degree prepares students for further graduate studies, or for careers as performers, composers, or private studio teachers. To be admitted to this program, students must demonstrate the capability of developing a high level of musicianship.

The following concentrations are available for the Bachelor of Music. Select a concentration to view the recommended course sequence:

Additional Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Music Concentrations

For admission to the performance concentrations, students must pass the Music Performance Audition upon completion of MUS 1720, Private Instruction II.

For admission to the composition concentration, students must pass a review of their composition portfolio upon completion of MUS 3650, Basic Techniques of Composition.


Bachelor of Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education degree prepares students for careers teaching instrumental, choral, and general music in K-12 schools, and satisfies the requirements for K-12 licensure in the State of Colorado. This degree program is approved by the Colorado State Department of Education and has full accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Students must apply for and be granted admission to the music education program prior to any enrollment in music education methods courses, supervised field experiences, and student teaching. To become licensed, students seeking this degree must satisfy all applicable requirements of the Department of Music and all applicable requirements of the teacher education and licensure programs in the School of Professional Studies teacher education program. Students should read the teacher licensure sections of the Catalog and stay in regular contact with both a music and teacher education advisor.

View the recommended course sequence for the Bachelor of Music Education degree:


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree offers vigorous study of music alongside a strong liberal arts education, equipping students with versatile skills that are highly valued in the broad spectrum of music-related careers. Music at MSU Denver offers a traditional Bachelor of Arts in Music (which allows space to pursue general electives and/or a minor), as well as an Extended Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory.

Select a concentration to view the recommended course sequence:


Music Minor

The Music Minor is well-suited to students who wish to expand their background in music, offering extensive ensemble performance opportunities, one-on-one private instruction, and a basic understanding of music theory. Since many of the music courses have co-requisites, students minoring in music are encouraged to work closely with their music academic advisor to develop a course sequence that fits well with the courses in their major.

View the recommended course sequence for the music minor: