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Department of Music

Main Office Location: AR 287
Main Office: 303-615-1010
Kalamath Building: 303-615-0388
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Department of Music
Campus Box 58
P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362

Shipping Address:
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Department of Music
c/o Auraria Receiving
1201 Fifth Street
Denver, CO 80204

Department Chair

Brandon Matthews headshot

Brandon Matthews

Department Chair, Professor

Office Location: AR 287B

[email protected] 303-615-0823 Schedule Appointment

Music Department Faculty

Carla Aguilar headshot

Carla Aguilar

Professor - Music Education Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 286G

[email protected] 303-615-0105 Aguilar Directory Profile
Dawn Clement headshot

Dawn Clement

Associate Professor - Jazz Piano, Jazz Voice, Jazz & American Improvised Music Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284G

[email protected] 303-605-5872 Clement Directory Profile
Image of Dave Devine

Dave Devine

Senior Lecturer - Jazz & American Improvised Music Guitar Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284H

[email protected] 303-615-1621 Devine Directory Profile
Shane Endsley headshot

Shane Endsley

Lecturer and Kalamath Coordinator - Jazz and American Improvised Music, Trumpet

Office Location: KA

[email protected] 303-615-1624 Endsley Directory Profile
David Farrell headshot

David Farrell

Assistant Professor - Composition Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 277L

[email protected] 303-615-0692 Farrell Directory Profile
Philip Ficsor headshot

Philip Ficsor

Assistant Professor - Violin, Strings Area Coordinator

[email protected] 303-605-5061 Ficsor Directory Profile
Mark Harris Headshot

Mark Harris

Associate Professor - Saxophone

Office Location: AR 284E

[email protected] 303-615-0540 Harris Directory Profile
Image of Michael Hengst

Michael Hengst

Professor - Trumpet, Brass & Percussion Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284F

[email protected] 303-615-0560 Hengst Directory Profile
Image of Chris Keelan

Chris Keelan

Lecturer - Music Theory

Office Location: AR 286H

[email protected] 303-615-1635 Keelan Directory Profile
Image of David Kish

David Kish

Professor - Band Area Coordinator, Music Education

Office Location: AR 286B

[email protected] 303-615-0692 Kish Directory Profile
Alex Komodore headshot

Alex Komodore

Professor - Classical Guitar Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284M

[email protected] 303-615-0710 Komodore Directory Profile
MB Krueger headshot

MB Krueger

Professor - Choral Area Coordinator, Conducting

Office Location: AR 277J

[email protected] 303-615-0720 Krueger Directory Profile
Cherise Leiter Headshot

Cherise Leiter

Professor - Music Theory Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 286F

[email protected] 303-615-0751 Leiter Directory Profile
Liz Macy headshot

Elizabeth Macy

Associate Professor - Ethnomusicology

Office Location: AR 286H

[email protected] 303-605-5873 Macy Directory Profile
Jooeun Pak Headshot

Jooeun Pak

Associate Professor - Classical Piano Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284K

[email protected] 303-615-1608 Pak Directory Profile
Gene Roberts headshot

Gene Roberts

Associate Professor - Classical & Musical Theatre Voice, Opera Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284J

[email protected] 303-615-1066 Roberts Directory Profile
Peter Schimpf headshot

Peter Schimpf

Professor - Musicology

Office Location: AR 277F

[email protected] 303-615-1124 Schimpf Directory Profile
Patricia Surman Headshot

Patricia Surman

Associate Professor - Flute, Woodwinds Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 277K

[email protected] 303-615-1208 Surman Directory Profile
Bradley Thompson headshot

Bradley Thompson

Professor - Classical Voice Area Coordinator

Office Location: AR 284L

[email protected] 303-615-1236 Thompson Directory Profile

Music Department Affiliate Faculty

Grand piano keys and soundboard

Jordan Ortman

Staff Accompanist, Piano

[email protected] Ortman Directory Profile
Grand piano keys and soundboard

Rosanna Patrona-Aurand

Staff Accompanist

[email protected] Patrona-Aurand Directory Profile
Terissa Thompson headshot

Terissa Thompson

Music Technology

[email protected] Thompson Directory Profile
Dominik Von Pichl headshot

Dominik Von Pichl

Staff Accompanist

[email protected] Von Pichl Directory Profile
Allison Wang headshot

Allison Wang

Staff Accompanist

[email protected] Wang Directory Profile
Headshot of Ade Wijaya

I Made Tangkas Ade Wijaya

Gamelan Ensemble

[email protected] Wijaya Directory Profile
Image of Larry Worster

Larry Worster

Professor Emeritus, Musicology

[email protected] 303-615-1665 Worster Directory Profile

Music Department Staff

Charla Bevan headshot

Charla Bevan

Music Events Manager

Office Location: AR 286D

[email protected] 303-615-0195 Bevan Directory Profile
Image of Christine Devine

Christine Devine

Program Analyst

Office Location: AR 287D

[email protected] 303-615-0348 Devine Directory Profile
Image of RJ Miller

RJ Miller

Music Technology Coordinator

Office Location: PL 246

[email protected] 303-615-0865 Miller Directory Profile
Elaine Stanley headshot

Elaine Stanley

Music Program Manager

Office Location: AR 287C

[email protected] 303-615-1188 Stanley Directory Profile
Kimberly Wendt headshot

Kimberly Wendt

Budget & Procurement Manager

Office Location: AR 287A

[email protected] 303-615-0984 Wendt Directory Profile

CLAS Arts Advisors

Image of Jeffrey McCray

Jeffrey McCray

Academic Advisor I

Office Location: AR 277E

[email protected] 303-605-5292 Schedule Appointment
Teri Slick Headshot

Teri Slick

Academic Advisor II

Office Location: AR 286A

[email protected] 303-605-7410 Schedule Appointment