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Three Steps for Music Program Admission

Students entering the Music Program at MSU Denver (whether as a major or minor) may take the following three steps for program admission. Incoming students are encouraged to first apply to MSU Denver before taking steps to enter the Music Program.

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Step One: Meet with an Arts Advisor

All incoming students must meet with an Arts Advisor prior to signing up for an audition or Music Theory Placement Exam. At this one-on-one meeting (available in-person or online), your advisor can answer questions about choosing a degree, registering for classes, financial aid and scholarships, and any other questions you may have about becoming a music student at MSU Denver.

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Step Two: Audition!

In order to enroll in private instruction, students must pass an audition demonstrating sufficient prior musical experience on their instrument. You may sign up for an in-person audition during our Audition Days held in January, February, and August; or you may submit an online audition.

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Step Three: Consider the Music Theory Placement Exam

The Music Theory Placement Exam is for students who have taken formal music theory training either through college-level classes (including AP Music Theory) or private instruction, and wish to place into Music Theory I or higher. Students with little or no prior music theory training are recommended to enroll in MUS 1010 Essential Music Theory Skills, and do not need to take the Music Theory Placement Exam.

Detailed Admission Steps by Student Type


Whether you have questions about your instrument, the degree you’re interested in, or ensembles, we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to us, or fill out a contact card and we’ll reach out to you.

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