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Ensembles at MSU Denver

Music at MSU Denver offers a wide variety of ensembles designed to provide diverse performing experiences for talented students from all areas of the college, regardless of their major. The level of playing/performing difficulty varies, as do the audition requirements, but you’re very likely to find a good fit for your interests and talents.


African Drum and Dance Ensemble
*Chamber Music
*Chorale (mixed choir)
*Collaborative Piano
Gamelan Ensemble
*Guitar Ensemble
*Jazz Combo
*Jazz Ensemble
Mariachi Ensemble
*Pep Band
Percussion Chamber Ensemble
Symphonic Band
*Symphony Orchestra
University Basso Choir
University Treble Choir
*Wind Ensemble

*NOTE: Requires an audition (see below)

Join an Ensemble!

Our ensembles are open to all MSU Denver students, whether you are a music major or not!
Our choirs, symphonic band, and global music ensembles do not require an audition!

Ensemble Auditions

The ensembles listed below require a successful audition for participation. For audition information, contact the ensemble director listed below.

MUS 3819 Chamber Music, contact Dr. Michael Hengst
MUS 3820  Chorale (mixed choir), sign up online
MUS 381F  Wind Ensemble, contact Dr. David Kish
MUS 3827  Symphony Orchestrasubmit audition video online
MUS 3828   Jazz Ensemble, contact Dawn Clement
MUS 3830  Guitar Ensemble, contact Alex Komodore
MUS 3832   Collaborative Ensemble, contact Dr. Jooeun Pak
MUS 3829  Jazz Combo, contact Dawn Clement
MUS 3833  Opera, contact Gene Roberts
Non-credit  Pep Band (paid, basketball season), contact Dr. Michael Hengst

Ensemble Requirements for Music Majors

Music majors or minors must participate in the major ensemble for their performance area during each semester of private instruction. In addition all Bachelor of Music (Performance and Composition) and Bachelor of Music Education must participate in the major ensemble for their area during each semester of full-time enrollment (12 or more credit hours). Students may register for any additional ensemble in which they are interested.

Major Ensembles

  • Guitar: Guitar Ensemble*
  • Jazz: Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo (as assigned)
  • Piano: Collaborative Piano, or Major Ensemble (as assigned)
  • Strings: Symphony Orchestra
  • Voice: Chorale, University Basso Choir, University Treble Choir (as assigned)
  • Woodwind/Brass/Percussion: Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble

*NOTE: Bachelor of Music Education (BME) students with piano or guitar emphasis must enroll in at least eight hours of choral ensembles.

Ensemble Director Contact Information

For more information about participating in an ensemble, please contact the appropriate ensemble coordinator:

African Drumming/Gamelan Ensembles: Elizabeth Macy, [email protected]
Chamber Music:
Michael Hengst, [email protected] 
Choral Ensembles
: MB Krueger, [email protected]
Early Music/Mariachi Ensembles: Peter Schimpf, [email protected]
Guitar Ensembles: Alex Komodore, [email protected]
Jazz Ensemble/Combos: Dawn Clement, [email protected]
Opera: Gene Roberts, [email protected]
Collaborative Piano: Jooeun Pak, [email protected]
Pep Band: Michael Hengst, [email protected]
Sound Painting: Mark Harris, [email protected]
Symphony Orchestra: Brandon Matthews, [email protected]
Wind Ensemble/ Symphonic Band: David Kish, [email protected]