Faculty Designed IDPs

IDP offers interdisciplinary majors and minors designed by MSU Denver faculty. Faculty Designed IDPs provide faculty members the opportunity to develop new academic programs to meet emerging needs in the community and workplace. The IDP-as-incubator allows faculty to track demand and to experiment with curriculum before submitting the new program for review through the curriculum approval process.

We also house Faculty Designed IDPs that do not easily fit within one department including the International Studies Concentration, Aerospace Systems Engineering Technology (ASET), and Aerospace Physics.

If you are a faculty member and interested in designing a new Faculty Designed IDP, please contact the CIL Director, Sara Jackson Shumate, Ph.D.

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We have moved! We are now located at 1027 9th Street Park in the historic section near Colfax at Auraria Station. From the station, we are in the second house from the right. From Los Molinos, we are the second-to-last house on the left. Feel free to phone us at 303-615-0525 or email us at [email protected].

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