Aerospace Engineering Technician IDP Major

The Aerospace Engineering Technician (AET) IDP will provide students with a wide spectrum of topics, forming a strong foundation to enter the aerospace workforce in a technician role. This IDP degree provides knowledge and skills for understanding aerospace operations from a wide range of technical perspectives. The flexibility of an IDP will allow students to tailor elective courses by either completing a set of recommended electives, or pursuing an engineering technician niche (e.g., mechanical, electrical, cybersecurity, etc.). Given the growth of aerospace organizations both within Colorado, and in other states, there continues to be the need for technicians to perform fulfilling work, whether on a flight line or in a laboratory. In addition to commercial aerospace opportunities, the military sector also has a strong demand for aerospace technicians. Technician roles in the military domain provide the opportunity for work on military installations both within the United States and abroad.


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