International Studies IDP Major Concentration

Students can pursue an interdisciplinary major in International Studies through the Individualized Degree Program (IDP) International Studies Concentration. Students take core courses for international studies with the flexibility to design an individualized degree.

Through the International Studies Concentration, students will gain an understanding of international and intercultural relations and dynamics while gaining the skills and knowledge necessary for their chosen careers.

Students must take one year of a modern language that is not English and it is highly recommended to study the same language for two years. If students are already proficient in another language not English, they are exempt from this requirement.

Also, an appropriate study abroad or local/regional experience with an international focus is required as part of the individual student’s IDP proposal.

Lastly, students looking to complete the International Studies Concentration can complete the concentration as an IDP Major or as an IDP Extended Major. The IDP Major requires 45 credits and the IDP Extended Major requires 60 credits.

Click Here to see the recommended coursework students can potentially do while doing this Concentration through IDP.

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