Social Documentary IDP Major

Social Documentary is an IDP major supported by the Department of Journalism and Media Production at MSU Denver.

The field of social documentary as a whole is ever expanding, with Colorado home to more than 40 Film Festivals. In North America, more than 190 international film festivals occur, with the vast majority of them including documentary as a category. There are 17 television channels/networks that are classified as documentary channels including the History Channel, Smithsonian Channel, and National Geo.

The Social Documentary IDP allows students to pursue a major in this field. Student may opt for a focus on film or still photography, or a combination of the two. All student will receive advising from both the Center for Individualized Learning and faculty liaisons in the Department of Journalism and Media Production.

Click Here to view a PDF that includes all of the requirements for the Social Documentary Major (45 Credits).


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