Uncrewed Aerospace Systems IDP Major

The Uncrewed Aerospace Systems (UAS) IDP provides students a wide spectrum of topics, forming a strong foundation to compete in the civilian sector in positions related to UAS, with additional opportunities in the military sector. There continues to be a strong demand for UAS professionals given the incorporation of these systems not only in the defense sector, but there is increased use commercially in law enforcement, agriculture, and retail. Studies have shown the need for over 50,000 new jobs in the sector over the last several years and with technology continuing to evolve, this demand is projected to remain. This IDP degree provides knowledge and skills for flight operations and airmanship, mission planning, weather, remote sensing, GIS, and systems integration.

UAS provides four (4) specializations where students can follow, which are: UAS Advanced Manufacturing, UAS Operations, UAS Science, and UAS Digital Security.

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