What is IDP?

The Individualized Degree Program (IDP) is an academically sound, interdisciplinary degree program developed by the student in collaboration with a faculty advisor and the Center for Individualized Learning to meet specific educational goals not met by other majors/minors at the university.


IDP Options:

  1. IDP Major: 40 credit hours, including 21 upper division credits. A minor must be chosen from the catalog.
  2. IDP Extended Major: 60 credit hours, including 30 upper division credits. No minor is necessary.
  3. IDP Minor: 20 credit hours, including 6 upper division credits. A major must be chosen from the catalog.


Two IDP Paths:

  1. Student Designed IDP – Students work with an IDP advisor to evaluate their completed courses, examine possible paths to graduation, discuss their interests, and ultimately design their own degree.
  2. Faculty Designed IDPs – Students select from a list of degree options that are not yet in the catalog but are being developed by faculty for possible inclusion based on need and interest. These faculty designed programs are sometimes called incubators or emerging programs.


Is IDP right for you?

Before meeting with an advisor, please watch this video and review requirements.

IDP Student Learning Outcomes

Through the IDP process I will: 

1. Synthesize my fields of study into a coherent IDP concept. 

2. Evaluate the specific skills, competencies, and expertise I learned through my IDP coursework and relate them to my IDP concept and my academic, professional, and/or personal goals. 

3. Professionally communicate the meaning, content, and value of my IDP to diverse audiences. 

IDP Requirements

The Individualized Degree Program (IDP) is a self-directed process you will undertake with the assistance of your IDP Advisor and a faculty advisor. In order to participate in an IDP, it is required that you contact an IDP advisor. Timely graduation is dependent upon your full engagement, follow-up, communication, and participation throughout the entire IDP process.

All IDP students must complete an IDP proposal including a degree plan and a rationale essay. The final proposal must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor, chair of the department where the IDP has the most credits, appropriate dean, and the Director of the Center for Individualized Learning.

Generative AI Policy

The use of generative AI is restricted to specific and rare circumstances in the IDP process. Students should not use such tools unless specifically called for in written directions or under guidance of the IDP Advisor or IDP Faculty Advisor. Any use of generative AI in the creation of submitted work for your IDP will be treated as a violation of academic integrity under MSU Denver’s Student Code of Conduct & Academic Responsibilities.

Examples of acceptable use:

  • Using Grammarly to check for correct sentence structure or other grammatical issues.
  • Using ChatGPT to brainstorm title ideas.

Examples of unacceptable use:

  • Using ChatGPT to write any part of the IDP essay.

IDP Advisors - Schedule an appointment

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Danielle Rado, Ph.D (she/her)

Individualized Degree Specialist

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Lisa Kirscht, J.D., M.S. (she/her)

Lead Individualized Degree Specialist

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Sara Jackson Shumate, Ph.D. (she/her)


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