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The Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Department (SLHS) at MSU Denver is committed to teaching students about communication and its disorders as well as serving those who are impacted by speech, language, and/or hearing disorders.  Our department offers a range of options, in line with the different ways we communicate and the communicative challenges that arise across the lifespan.

For students exploring the area, we offer introductory courses that cover topics like how children acquire language or how a speech disorder like stuttering is different from a language disorder like aphasia. For declared majors and post-baccalaureate students, we offer advanced coursework in the scientific foundations of communication as well as advanced study of speech, language, and hearing disorders.  SLHS alums often pursue graduate degrees, the entry-level requirement to be certified as speech-language pathologists or audiologists – two in-demand professions that are ranked among the best jobs in healthcare.

We link classroom to clinic by offering real-world experiences throughout our program.  With small class sizes, expert professors and the most affordable tuition in the state, the SLHS department at MSU Denver is your gateway to communication sciences and its disorders.  Explore our site to learn more.

“After my first week at MSU Denver, I knew I was on the right career path. The teachers had so much energy and were so helpful. They were experienced, and they loved their work. I currently have my own business and have never been happier. I credit the teachers I had at MSU Denver for where I am today because they were knowledgeable and guided me down the right path.”

Mandi Solat, MSU Denver ‘94

Audiologist and owner of Audiology Services in Lakewood, Colo.

Career Prospects

Here's where a B.A. in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences might take you:

Education, community clinics, health care, rehabilitation centers, private practice and much more.

“I think it is nearly impossible for anyone to graduate from MSU Denver’s SLHS program and not feel prepared and excited to keep moving forward with the profession. This is largely due to the outstanding, brilliant and diligent professors.”

Jessica Beers, MSU Denver ’14

Speech language pathologist at Infinity Rehab in Ellensburg, Wash.

Our Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Program Options

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