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What we do:

The Office of Cashiering is responsible for all student tuition and fee payments and refunds. Other duties and services include:

Refund Information

Student Account Refunds

If a student has a credit balance (negative amount) on their account, they may be eligible to receive a refund.

MSU Denver encourages students to enroll for direct deposit refunds (directions listed below).  Once enrolled, refunds will be sent directly to the student’s bank account.  Direct deposit refunds are released daily.  However, it can take up to 2 business days for the receiving bank to process and have funds available.  It is the student’s responsibility to update direct deposit information.  Once a direct deposit account is active it is to remain in full force and effect until MSU Denver receives written notification to terminate the direct deposit authorization.

Students who are not enrolled in direct deposit will receive a refund check in the mail.  Students are not allowed to pick up refund checks.  Checks will only be mailed once per week on Thursday.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure their address is updated to ensure that checks are mailed to the correct address.

Credit/Debit Card Refunds –

Any credits resulting from a card payment within 30 days of the original transaction may be refunded back to the card.


10-Business Day Hold –

If a credit balance is the result of a check payment, MSU Denver reserves the right to hold the credit for 10-business days to ensure the payment successfully clears the bank.


Parent Plus Loans –

If a student has a credit balance resulting from a Parent Plus Loan, a refund will be processed based on the refund options selected on the Parent Plus Loan application.

  1. If the parent elected to receive the refund, a paper check will be issued to the address provided on the application. No parent refund will be processed via direct deposit.
  2. If the parent elected for the student to receive the refund, the refund will be processed as a paper check to the student address or the direct deposit information on file.

Payment Methods

MSU Denver accepts the following forms of payment for tuition and fees charges. Funds must be received by the Office of Cashiering prior to posted due dates to avoid service charges.  Funds may not exceed the total amount of tuition and fees charges for the given semester.  Payments received for more than the total amount of charges may be refused.

Authorized Payer

Students can grant access for third parties (family members or other trusted parties) to view their financial information or make payments online. To grant access, students must create an “Authorized Payer” account.

To create an “Authorized Payer” account:

  • Log into StudentHub
  • Click “Pay Tuition”
  • On left-hand side, click “My Account”
  • Under “Payers” select “Send a payer invitation”
  • Complete required information (an email invitation will be sent to the payer)

University staff cannot create, edit, or reset “Authorized Payer” accounts on behalf of the student.

Please Note:  “Authorized Payer” accounts grant access to student financial information online.  It does not provided information related to grades, GPA, etc.  To grant access to this additional information please see Family Educational Right and Privacy Act.  

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