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Submitting Forms

MSU Denver has a new method for submitting financial aid documents and forms containing your sensitive information.

LiquidFiles is a secure file transfer system for point-to-point email communication. Files submitted will be shared securely with the MSU Denver Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. LiquidFiles is fast, secure (not necessarily so with standard email) and easy to use.

Using LiquidFiles

  1. Complete and save your required forms (available by aid year in fillable format below) and any necessary documentation. 
  2. Go to
  3. Press the "SSO Login" without entering anything in the text box. This should prompt you to log into your MSU Denver account. If this option does not work, please enter another valid email into the entry bar and submit. This will send you a validation email that will enable you to submit your documentation. 
  4. Be sure to include your MSU Student ID# on all documents and pages whether requested on forms or not.

The secure LiquidFiles process is the recommended and safest way to submit forms and documents to our office. Please do not email documents or forms.

If for some reason you unable to access or use LiquidFiles, please contact our office before submitting your forms or documents via our general email address or by fax. 

2019-2020 Forms

For the 2019-2020 (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020) aid year

AERO- Aerospace Budget Adjustment

APLAN - Academic Success Plan‌

ATXPE - Amended Tax Return - Parent

ATXSE - Amended Tax Return - Student

Budget Adjustment Request

DAIA - Dreamer and International Student Application

DEPFAM - Request for Independence Family Situation Appeal

DSBLTY - Eligibility Reinstatement Request

DVER - Dependent Student Institutional Verification

FAPRO - Loan Proration -Graduating Student

GRADMT - Working on Graduate Program

GRADTE - Graduation Hold

GTEACH - Graduate Federal TEACH Grant Pre-Application

INCOME - Income Adjustment Appeal

IVER - Independent Student Institutional Verification

IRS DRT-Made Easy

LDEP - Legal Dependents Form

LGUARD/EMINOR - Legal Guardianship or Emancipated Minor

LNEVL - Loan Re-Evaluation

MEDCAL - Medical Expense Re-Evaluation Appeal

NOPAR - No Parental Info (Dependent Student)

ORPH/WARD - Orphan, Ward of Court, or Foster Youth

OVERLP - Overlapping Loan Clearance

PJ - Consideration for Professional Judgment

RELS - Financial Aid Information Release

REWKS - Work-Study Re-Evaluation

SAPAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

SAPGR - (Graduate) Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

SEDNOT - (Notary Required) Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

SELSV - Selective Service Verification

SSA - Student Information

TEACH - Federal TEACH Grant Pre-Application (Undergraduate)

TRNFR - Cancel All Aid Transferring to Another Institution

UEHAP - Unusual Enrollment History Appeal

UYOUTH - Unaccompanied Youth

VETERN/MILTID -Veteran or Active Duty Military

WK20 - Work-Study Request

WKSUM Summer work-study request


2020-2021 Forms

For the 2020-2021 (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021) aid year

Online SAP Appeal Submission

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