Part-time (Adjunct) faculty are a valuable component to our Roadrunner family, and contribute much to the overall success of our students here at MSU-Denver. Faculty can learn foundational skills and knowledge to become more effective in their teaching by signing up for our Roadrunner Instructor Training course.

Adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend a New Faculty Orientation session at the beginning of the school year or at the start of their first semester. During Orientation, they will fill out new hire paperwork and learn more about the many resources our school has to offer. Faculty can find school policies and procedures by accessing the Faculty Employee Handbook (on pages 26-31).

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Design offers resources for all faculty (including Adjuncts) on their “Ready Home” and “Information Roundup” pages. For those who are interested in pursuing faculty development opportunities, please visit the ACUE-Association of College and University Educators which offers a year long course on effective teaching.