At MSU Denver, full-time faculty members, except temporary personnel, are eligible for a paid sabbatical leave when they have completed seven academic years of continuous service to the University.

For those considering applying for a sabbatical, please review the Faculty Employment Handbook and Guidelines for Preparation of Applications for Sabbatical Leave for additional information regarding eligibility and expectations as well as for templates related to the Sabbatical Leave Application.

For those ready to submit their application, several resources are included below including the Office of Faculty Affairs Canvas course which includes a module that covers all aspects of the sabbatical leave application process as well as the post-sabbatical requirements for faculty. The Office of Faculty Affairs also hosts a Sabbatical Application Preparation Workshop during which OFA provides an overview of the process and answers questions to assist with submitting your application.

Using Watermark for the Sabbatical Application Process

Like with RTP/PTR reviews, Watermark is used by MSU Denver to usher faculty through the sabbatical leave process. If you already have your CV information uploaded to Watermark, you will only need to update the information (as needed) and add information about your requested sabbatical to the “Sabbatical Leave” screen. The tool will pull data from the various data entry screens in order to generate the Sabbatical Leave Application, which includes CV information as well as information specific to the application for sabbatical leave.