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Smiling indian latin deaf disabled child school girl learning online class on laptop communicating with teacher by video conference call using sign language showing hand gesture during virtual lesson.The minor in Special Education is designed to prepare teachers, physical educators, counselors, and other professionals in the field of education to work with exceptional students in educational, therapeutic, and recreational settings. While the 18-credit hour course of study does not earn you teacher licensure, most courses you take to fulfill requirements for this minor can count toward the licensure program should you decide to pursue licensure in special education at MSU Denver in the future.

Students who wish to add this minor must also submit a supplemental application to the School of Education once they are accepted to the university. Be sure to meet with an advisor to discuss your options for this minor and to begin planning!

Benefits of Earning This Minor at MSU Denver

Happy Asian girl with Down's syndrome painting her hand with water color in art class.A minor in special education will prepare you to work with students who have a variety of disabilities within classroom settings. The movement of inclusive education requires all teachers to be prepared to teach students with disabilities in their classrooms. It is beneficial for all teacher candidates to learn methods, strategies and techniques to include students with disabilities in general education.

Additionally, in our School of Education programs, you will experience:

  • A diverse student population
  • Engaging, topical coursework
  • Supportive faculty and staff who value diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Clinical experiences in partnership schools across the Denver metro area throughout your program
  • Incredible value

Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

Completing a minor in special education will prepare professionals to effectively work with students who have disabilities. Attaining a minor in special education will enhance versatility in the job market.

Featured Faculty

Headshot photo of P. Charlie Buckley.Dr. Pamela (Charlie) Buckley

Dr. Buckley is an Associate Professor of Special Education. She began her career as a speech and language pathologist upon completing a Master of Science in Communication Disorders at Colorado State University in 1989. She received a PhD in Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in 2015. Her current research focuses on inclusive practices, collaboration and communication in educational settings.

Alumni at Work

Professionals who have a minor in special education work as teachers and administrators in schools and in hospitals and therapeutic settings such as counselors, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists and speech and language pathologists.

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