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About this Program

Happy African American student raising her hand to ask a question during lecture in the classroom.The Secondary Education minor provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and applications in real school settings to develop your understanding of the principles of teaching and learning in middle and high schools. This minor covers topics such as educational philosophy/foundation, classroom management/planning/assessment, multicultural education, interdisciplinary literacy, educational technology, and exceptional learners.

To emphasize the application of knowledge in the field as required by Colorado’s teacher quality standards, the minor features two 60-hour field experience courses. Each student must also complete a Content Methods course which, in some cases, may require a third field experience as a co-requisite.

This minor is a great choice if you wish to work with secondary-aged students outside the classroom or if you are interested in learning about secondary education overall.

While this minor does not earn you recommendation for teacher licensure by itself, each required course is also required in most of our teacher licensure programs in secondary education (and some K-12 education licensure programs, too).  If you begin this minor and becoming a licensed teacher becomes a goal of yours, we can help you transition to a licensure program where these courses will count!

Benefits of Earning This Minor at MSU Denver

Rear view of a bunch of high school students walking down the hallwayMSU Denver’s Secondary Education minor provides an option for degree-seeking students to pursue secondary teacher licensure and a baccalaureate degree concurrently during their study at MSU Denver if they decide to do so. Also, graduates with the Secondary Education minor may come back to pursue secondary teacher licensure as a post baccalaureate student later.

Additionally, in our School of Education programs, you will experience:

  • A diverse student population
  • Engaging, topical coursework
  • Supportive faculty and staff who value diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Clinical experiences in partnership schools across the Denver metro area throughout your program
  • Incredible value

Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

Graduates with this Secondary Education minor may work with secondary-aged children outside the classroom (e.g., recreation programs, travel, summer camps, enrichment programs) or work with learners of all ages in corporate or other training/education programs.

Graduates can also apply for substitute authorization from the Colorado Department of Education to work as a substitute teacher in schools.

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