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About This Program

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Become an Instructional Designer!

The Instructional Design and Technology Minor focuses on the design, creation, utilization, and evaluation of dynamic learning objects within the context of a variety of real world learning experiences.

The field of instructional technology continues to expand with an increasing need for highly-trained professionals with credentials in design, implementation, and evaluation of multimedia learning materials and instructional design theories. Providing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary experience, this minor program combines the fields of education, cognitive science, instructional design, information technology, and social media management.

This minor is offered 100% online.

Benefits of Earning This Minor at MSU Denver

Dr. Hsin-Te Yeh working with a student of African-American descent at a computer.Completion of this minor program will lead to becoming versatile designers who are able to:

  • Incorporate highly-effective design practices and theories in the development of curriculum, training and instruction
  • Apply instructional design practices and technologies in real world environments to solve social, cultural, and economic challenges
  • Facilitate organizational change and strategically recommend technology adoption
  • Utilize instructional tools and practices to increase learner-related performance through the employment of emerging instructional technologies
  • Develop and assess effective technology-supported learning assets and environments
  • Perform as a liaison and expert to empower others in the effective use of instructional design tools and practices
  • Evaluate, critique, and recommend appropriate technologies to enhance teaching and learning


Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

Working collaboratively with discipline and subject matter experts, graduates with this minor may continue to obtain an advanced degree in the field and/or provide instructional design expertise in a number of exciting environments including:

  • K-12 and post-secondary classroom and online instruction
  • Instructional media production
  • Corporate training
  • Health institutions and training
  • Public and cultural institutions
  • Publishing companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • The military

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