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Photo of a piece of grid paper in a notebook with "English, Bilingual Education, Spanish" written in red, black and blue marker.The Bilingual Education Specialist (BES) Endorsement is an additional credential for all licensed educators in the state of Colorado with a desire to work in bilingual Spanish classrooms. Grounded in evidence-based practices and research, the BES provides educators with the skills and knowledge to accommodate and ensure the academic success of native Spanish-speaking students throughout Colorado.

The endorsement provides educators the pedagogy, skills and knowledge to support second language learners in their primary language of Spanish and in their English language development. Program options allow pre-service teachers to add the BES endorsement to their initial license and for currently-licensed educators to add the BES endorsement to their current license.

This program is available to undergraduate, graduate and non-degree seeking students. Our BES program is approved by the Colorado Department of Education and provides Colorado educators the professional opportunity to add this highly-sought endorsement to their professional credentials.

Benefits of Earning This Added Endorsement at MSU Denver

A Latina female teacher works with a Latino student at his desk; a colorful bulletin board in the background reads "¡Exprésate!".The Bilingual Educator Specialist (BES) program at MSU Denver is unique in its breadth and focus on effective practices to support bilingual learners. BES candidates have the opportunity to expand and develop their academic Spanish proficiency through rigorous coursework conducted in Spanish and English. Our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education faculty bring with them years of experience in K-12 classrooms from Colorado to countries across the globe!

The Bilingual Education Specialist Endorsement is the preferred credential for teachers who aim to work in the growing number of dual-language Spanish/English programs available in Colorado public schools.

Additionally, in our School of Education programs, you will experience:

  • A diverse student population
  • Engaging, topical coursework
  • Supportive faculty and staff who value diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Clinical experiences in partnership schools across the Denver metro area throughout your program
  • Incredible value

Career Opportunities with this Added Endorsement

Candidates who complete the BES endorsement will most likely work in bilingual kindergarten through grade twelve classrooms, offering learners language-rich and asset-based experiences in English and Spanish. BES candidates are preferred by principals for both late-exit native language programs (Spanish) and the growing number of  dual-language programs (Spanish/English) found in Colorado including: The Denver Language School (DPS) , Escuala Bilingue Pioneer (BVS), and Academic Ana Maria Sandoval (DPS).


All School of Education teacher licensure programs are authorized by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

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