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MSU Denver "Good Talks"

As part of the 1Book/1Project/2Transform events this year, we wanted to highlight Good Talks going on in our MSU Denver community. It amazing to see all the conversations and critical dialogue that we are having in our community and beyond our walls.

Having critical conversations is a radical act supporting our MSU Denver’s commitment to anti racism, equity, inclusion, and diversity. Please explore the list below and go have some “Good Talks”!  

Event Pages

These pages list upcoming events that include opportunities for Good Talks!  

  • GITA Newsletter has many events listed that promote Good Talk(s). One going on now is sponsored through the Feminist Alliance: Sex Talks: You will need to look through the different pages in the newsletter for the information about the Sex Café 
    • Talking Taboos October 12th 1 to 2pm 
    • Kink Safety November 9th 1 to 2pm  
    • Email [email protected] for more information 

Opportunities To Learn

Incorporate Good Talk into your class, club or campus community group. This in-depth Teaching and Learning Guide includes discussion prompts, project ideas, and more!


GITA Trainings: The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy offers numerous trainings that will help you engage in Good Talks within your classrooms, teams, colleagues and more!  


MSU Denver Dialogue Program: We are so lucky at MSU Denver to have a specific program dedicated to dialogue. The Dialogue Program has events every semester and you can contact them for resources and trainings as well. It facilitates conversations about conflict and having difficult and needed dialogue.  

CTLD Book Clubs for Teaching and Learning: CTLD is running a book club for faculty to some an discuss issues of equity and teaching! It is the best type of book club as you are not even required to read the book, it is the conversation that matters. Check out the upcoming books and amazing opportunities for discussion about teaching!  

Good Talks Through The Arts

We have amazing arts, music, and theatre at MSU Denver. These mediums often inspire us to see the world differently. Consider going to an art exhibit at one of our numerous galleries and then have conversations with your colleagues afterwards! Our theatre department has a faculty directed play this November that literally challenges us to “talk”, The Day the Internet Died”. Finally, the Visiting Artist Series on Music, Race, & Social Justice is having an event about Black Women In/and/of Hip Hop. 


The Day the Internet Died” 

By Ina McWethy and Jason Pizzarello 
Directed by Julia Mitchell  

On a sunny day in the town of Bloomington, a devastating occurrence happens. No, it’s not famine or floods or loss of basic rights. The internet has gone down! And it will continue to be down! For a week! A whole week! Pandemonium! In a world that is so dependent on the internet for shopping, mailing and posting pictures of cute babies, how will society function? Not well, as it turns out. “The Day the Internet Died” hilariously explores how inept we are at dating, research and basic human interactions when we don’t have a screen to look at.  

MSU Denver Studio Theatre, King Center, Room 155
Nov. 10-12, 17-19 at 7:30 p.m. 
Nov. 20 at 2:30 p.m.  


3rd Annual Umoja Conference: WOMEN IN/AND/OF HIP-HOP  

MSU Denver’s Department of Africana Studies presents The 3rd Annual Umoja Conference: “Black Women in/and/of Hip-Hop” supported by the Department of Music’s Music, Race, & Social Justice Visiting Artist Series, the Department of English, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

This is an amazing ALL DAY event offering film, music, keynotes, performances, discussions and more!   

Thursday, October 20, 2022
King Center Concert Hall, on the Auraria Campus
FREE and Open to the Public


Past Good Talk hosted by MSU Denver students and faculty

GITA Conversations: 

GITA Hold of Yourself: Podcast: 

If you know of other “Good Talks” happening, please email Ann Obermann,  [email protected], to get added to this list.