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What is Dialogue?

Conflict is a normal part of life. But it is not always a comfortable one. Lean into the discomfort and join us to dialogue about difficult topics in a meaningful way.

Dialogue is not debate or discussion. Rather, dialogue is a process where we invite inquiry, explore differences, and build shared understandings. In our campus community, the Dialogues Program brings together students, faculty, and staff to participate in small-group facilitated dialogues. Dialogue brings people together to deeply engage in listening, sharing our lived experiences, and challenges us to think about different perspectives other than our own. Above all, dialogue is about having a space to learn from each other despite differences and to create change by talking about action. Dialogue at MSU Denver is modeled after Intergroup Dialogue from the University of Michigan, which is a social justice approach bringing individuals together who share different identities and experiences together to dialogue.

You can download a Dialogues Program Overview document here: DialoguesProgramOverview (PDF).

The Dialogues Program is a joint partnership between the Department of Communication Studies and the Dean of Students Office. 

More on Dialogues:

Workplace Integrity Workshop October 7, 2022 and October 14, 2022

We are in our workplaces for a great part of our days, and at times, we are there more than we are in our own homes! Fostering respectful work cultures that are free of incivility, harassment and discrimination, makes for happier workers and a more productive workplace, but they don’t happen by accident. These spaces must be created intentionally.

MSU Denver C2 Hub and Dialogues Programs are offering a two part training on October 7th and 14th to certify future workers and business leaders in The Power Shift Project’s Workplace Integrity in how to develop healthy, inclusive work environments.

Click here for more information and to R.S.V.P.


Want to know more about Dialogues?

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions:

Communication Studies: 

Katia Campbell, Associate Professor, Communication Studies & Faculty Senate President [email protected]

Dan Lair, Chair & Associate Professor, Communication Studies [email protected]

Dean of Students Office: 

Elise Krumholz, Coordinator for Student Conflict Resolution Services [email protected]

Thomas Ragland, Director of Student Accountability & Behavioral Intervention [email protected]

Dean of Students Office Phone Number: 303-615-0220