What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is not debate or discussion. Rather, dialogue is a process where we invite inquiry, explore differences, and build shared understandings. In our campus community, the Dialogues Program brings together students, faculty, and staff to participate in small-group facilitated dialogues. Dialogue brings people together to deeply engage in listening, sharing our lived experiences, and challenges us to think about different perspectives other than our own. Above all, dialogue is about having a space to learn from each other despite differences and to create change by talking about action. Dialogue at MSU Denver is modeled after Intergroup Dialogue from the University of Michigan, which is a social justice approach bringing individuals together who share different identities and experiences together to dialogue.

You can download a Dialogues Program Overview document here: Dialogues Program Overview (PDF).

MSU Denver's 2nd Annual Dialogue & Civic Engagement Week

Join us for Dialogue and Civic Engagement Week, happening April 15-19 at MSU Denver!

This vibrant week-long event is designed to foster community through dialogue and democratic engagement. Featuring thought-provoking discussions on issues facing students and the metro Denver area, a resource fair, a film screening, and an art exhibition, there’s something for everyone. Organized by faculty from various departments and student organizations, Dialogue and Civic Engagement Week aims to bridge connections among students, staff, faculty, and the broader community. Explore topics like environmental support, aiding the community, advocacy for change, and the pursuit of a stronger democracy. Plus, enjoy complimentary food and engaging activities that make community building a truly enriching experience.

DCEW’24 Calendar 11×17

Check out the Week's Events!

2:00 - 3:15pm

Monday, April 15

Neighborhood Climate Action in Denver: A Dialogue on the Auraria Campus

3:30 - 5:00pm

Monday, April 15

MSU Denver Dialogue & Civic Engagement Week Welcome Reception

10:30am - 12:30pm

Tuesday, April 16

Dialogue: Strengthening the Safety Net: A Resource Fair on Student/Youth Homelessness

8:30 - 11am

Wednesday, April 17

Running with My Girls Film Screening & Dialogue with Director, Rebekah Henderson

12:30 - 1:45pm

Wednesday, April 17

The Psychological, Economic, and Immigration Factors Driving Housing Instability in Denver: A Panel Discussion

3:30 - 4:45pm

Wednesday, April 17

Performing our Civic Imaginary: A Dialogue on Building Stronger Democratic Communities

11am – 12:15pm

Thursday, April 18

Navigating Political Discourse: Fostering Fact-Based Dialogue in Advertisements & Debates

12:30 – 1:30pm

Thursday, April 18

Better Ways to Live: A Conversation with Austine Luce, founder of the Consumption Literacy Project

2 – 3:15pm

Thursday, April 18

Never Have I Ever: An Event on Community Building

3:30 – 5pm

Thursday, April 18

Engaged Art, Water, Soil, and Shelter


Want to know more about Dialogues?

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions:

The Dialogues Program is a partnership between the Dean of Students Office & the Communication Studies Department. 

Meet the Dialogues Team:

Dr. Christina Foust, Professor, Communication Studies | [email protected]

Dr. Elisa M. Varela, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies | [email protected]

Katia Campbell, Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts & Sciences & Professor, Communication Studies | [email protected]

Elise Krumholz, Assistant Director, Restorative Justice & Student Conflict Resolution | [email protected]