2023-2024 Creative Works Contest Inspired by "All Boys Aren't Blue"

“Tell us a story of self-discovery”

This contest was open to MSU Denver Students and DPS-Affiliate Students

Creative Responses were told in the format of an essay or graphic/multimedia submission.


1st Prize Winner: Joshua Carpenter

2nd Prize Winner: Cath Martin

3rd Prize Winner: Emerson Farina


Stepping forth from my own story to create my own personal wonderland, where there is no ‘why?’ A place where the magic of queerness and spirituality can co-exist in all its glory.” – Piece by Joshua Carpenter


Art for me is more than a hobby, but a lifestyle that influences how I perceive the world. My paintings are inspired by my emotions and life experiences that are better expressed on canvas than by words“- Piece by Annie Hill


Maria Uribe Rodriguez

“I belong here and, in any place, so I will make my voice and presence heard. My own journey has just begun, and I am ready for what awaits me.”

Emerson Farina

“Tears came to my eyes as I reached out my hand to the mirror I once despised. The girl was no longer there and a different figure stood in her place. The figure was me. I saw myself in the mirror for the first time.”

Cath Martin

“A sprout formed, and a new little leaf unfurled. One after another until I was full of green leaves and new opportunities.”

2022's Creative Works Contest

“Tell us about a transformative conversation you have had in your life.”

2022 Contest Winners

Jay Drago

Briana Rendon

Yamilez Venzor Orona

Sarah Blair

Don Seven

Jay Drago, Essay Contest Winner

“Dynamics of mother-child, love-pain, individual-collective were among the interlocutors of that phone call. She is my mama; I am her youngest kid. She is a human, and I am a human. Imperfect, uncomfortable dialogue can be an alchemist, which, that July evening, transformed a veil of grief into an invitation to share in my joy”

Briana Rendon, Runner-up

“…if there is a constant pressing concern in the world, we all, parents, friends, family, and society as a whole need to talk about how these concerns should be handled. Even if we all do not fully understand what is going on, at least having a conversation starts the gears turning in all our heads”