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The Rowdy Scholar: A Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Works is an online, open-access multi-disciplinary scholarly research journal publishing original research and creative works, including but not limited to works prepared for classes, honors theses, or independent study by undergraduate students at MSU Denver.

Submissions must be reviewed and approved by the faculty mentor. The faculty mentor ensures that the quality and impact of the work is acceptable for submission. Following submission, the editorial board for The Rowdy Scholar will review the work to ensure that the work is original and meets our rigorous publication standards. The Rowdy Scholar editorial board strives to have representation of work from diverse disciplines from across the university.

We Welcome Submissions for 2024 Issue!

The Rowdy Scholar has an open submission policy and a rolling revision and publication deadline. In other words, there is no single deadline, and we encourage you to take the necessary time to develop your paper and work with your mentor to make it as strong as possible. We will review, accept, and publish papers on a rolling schedule, too. The earlier you submit your paper, the earlier we can review it and inform you of our decision to accept it, reject it, or request revisions (the most common decision). And the sooner you complete revisions and resubmit, the sooner we can publish your work. However, to make sure we have time to complete the review process for every paper, including any necessary revisions, for the 2024 issue, we ask that all initial submissions come in by August 1, 2024. Paper not ready by then? Never fear! You can be first in line for the 2025 issue.

We encourage all students who plan to submit papers to schedule a meeting with the Writing Center staff prior to submission to make sure the paper meets the highest standards for writing, formatting, and citation in the appropriate discipline. More information about hours for the Writing Center is available on the Writing Center website.

Issue 4 (Summer 2022) of The Rowdy Scholar is now available.

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