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HOPES Program Mission, Details, Requirements, & Eligibility

HOPES Program Mission

The Heightening Outcomes for Public benefit Enrolled Students (HOPES) Program is a MSU Denver program that seeks to assist students in the maintenance of their Public Benefit Programs (I.e., SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, WIC, etc.) by creating and fostering community as well as providing support services such as personalized case management, academic coaching, career coaching, etc. Our mission is to support students who may need to pause their academic and career aspirations to maintain their public benefit programs. This mission is built upon a desire and passion around building collaborative relationships with and assisting students in achieving their identified levels of success with their academic, professional, and personal goals.



The HOPES Program is a novel program that will launch in August of 2021. Our mission is to support student most at-risk of dropping out of MSU Denver and abandoning their academic and career aspirations in order to maintain their financial benefits. This program is designed to assist students in striving towards a balance between their public benefit programs and their academic life through personalized case management, meaningful and intentional support, and education around these areas to not only assist them with their public benefits but also to help them achieve their academic goals and eventually push towards graduation. Once a student has been accepted into the HOPES Program they will remain in the program throughout their time at MSU Denver as long as they are able to complete the annual program requirements.


Program Details

The HOPES Program is housed under the MSU Denver Student Care Center. The Student Care Center houses MSU Denver’s case management services and provides holistic, non-clinical case management support to MSU Denver Students who are facing challenging life circumstances that may act as a barrier to them pursuing their academic goals. HOPES Program participants will have access to:


  • Student Support Services
  • Individualized academic coaching and emotional support
  • Social events and workshops designed to provide education around life skills and resources
  • Public benefits program navigation and maintenance assistance
  • Referrals to outside resources for housing, food, health, etc.


HOPES Program Application

Interested in applying for the HOPES Program?


CLICK HERE for the application for The HOPES Program.


The HOPES Program will have a rolling enrollment meaning we will be continuously enrolling students until the program is full. Once the program is full all remaining applicants will be informed as soon as possible.


If we receive more applications than spots available, preference will be given to applications received before June 28th, 2021.


Applicants will be notified of their acceptance or denial starting  July 7th.

HOPES Program Eligibility & Requirements

Program Eligibility

Student who are eligible to apply to The HOPES Program will match the following criteria:


  • Degree-seeking student at MSU Denver who is on Public Benefit Program or can show you will be on or eligible for a Public Benefit Program within Colorado by August 2021
  • Preference given to students who were previously admitted
  • Applicants must complete and submit Application by the deadline for considerations


Program Requirements

Students who participate in the HOPES Program will be required to complete the following each semester in order to maintain their placement in the program:


  • Each semester will include 3 – 4 events and the students will be required to attend at least 2
  • 2 general check-ins per semester
    • 1stwithin first 6 weeks of the semester
    • 2ndwhenever the student is available
    • Once a semester
  • Submit 3 goals (Personal, Professional, and Academic) at the beginning of each semester
  • 1 mid-semester grade check
  • Submit course schedule at the beginning of the semester and at the end for the following semester
  • Verify they are receiving and/or will receive Public Benefits