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OSRP serves as the centralized grants and sponsored research office at MSU Denver for all public grants. Proposals to federal and state funding sources must be submitted by OSRP. OSRP will complete the application forms, ensure compliance with university and agency policies, and provide required assurances and certifications. We recommend the principal investigator/development team contact the office as soon as you decide to pursue a proposal. OSRP will help review the funding announcement, set timelines, and establish roles and expectations. It is important to closely follow the guidance included in the funding announcement when developing the proposal. In every case, the principal investigator/development team is the subject matter expert and the primary person(s) responsible for generating the core content of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

This centralized function is important because it enables us to:

  • Be aware of any potential conflicts related to multiple submissions when that is prohibited by the funder or if internal competition would be detrimental to both proposals.
  • Maintain an accurate calendar of grants activity and anticipated work flow.
  • Better facilitate potential partnerships and other opportunities when synergies among investigators exist. Basically, the more OSRP knows about your project, the more we can help.

If you have not previously worked with OSRP, please contact Assistant Director Kristin Schneider Baldwin so that we can help you develop a successful proposal.

Services provided by OSRP include access to professional grant writing teams, assistance with research, electronic applications, internal authorizations, required registrations and forms, and budget and proposal development.

Grant Writing

OSRP has several staff members able to assist with your proposal development needs. OSRP provides technical assistance in the development of proposals including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assisting in program planning to meet requirements of the RFP.
  • Reviewing proposal drafts for proofreading and editing needs as well as alignment with RFP requirements.
  • Assisting in interpreting agency guidelines, including contacting the program officer on the PI’s behalf.
  • Recommending and acting as a liaison with an external evaluator, as needed.
  • Drafting letters of support/commitment.
  • Creating a checklist to help the PI ensure they are including all proposal components.
  • Uploading proposal components into the submission portal (Grants.gov, Fastlane, Research.gov, NIH Assist, etc.).

Research Services

In addition to assistance locating appropriate funding opportunities, OSRP also assists during the proposal development stage with conducting research for grant proposals, including:

  • Compiling demographic/statistical information.
  • Assisting the PI in conducting literature reviews.
  • Creating graphics such as Gantt charts or organizational charts.
  • Providing institutional or boilerplate information and statistics.

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