Obtain approvals for submitting the proposal

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) is the MSU Denver Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) and proposals may only be submitted by OSRP AORs to various portals such as Grants.gov, Research.gov, ASSIST, and NSPIRES on behalf of PI’s.

  • To comply with best practices for grants administration potential PIs are required to obtain a written approval for grant submissions from appropriate departments, chairs, deans, supervisors or directors.
  • OSRP Authorized Organization Representatives will work with potential PIs at an appropriate time in the grant proposal process to secure the required written approvals.

After the written approval is received OSRP will conduct an internal review to:

  • Verify compliance with both the funding agency and MSU Denver policies.
  • Coordinate with the Sponsored Programs Accounting and Compliance Office (SPAC) to review and approve budget details.
  • Identify any items that need to be addressed by the PI.


Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

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