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Obtain approvals for submitting the proposal

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) is the MSU Denver Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) and proposals may only be submitted by OSRP AORs to various portals such as, Fastlane,, and ASSIST, on behalf of PI’s.

  • To comply with best practices for grants administration potential PIs are required to complete a Proposal Summary (ProSum). This is a tool to assist PI’s to ensure that all items of a grant proposal have been addressed with the appropriate departments, chairs, deans, supervisors or directors.
  • This tool must be filled out with approvals in place prior to submission of any proposals.

The ProSum tool is designed to go through an approval process, so it is important that you fill out the form completely. Make sure to include the name and email  (you must input a complete email including of the person who will be the next in line for approval (the first designated approver), as shown in the example below.

After the PI has completed and submitted the ProSum it starts an approval process. A summary of the ProSum will be routed to the person identified in the ProSum. The first designated approver will get a copy of the ProSum and email with a link to a form to fill out like the one below:

The first designated approver will then fill out this form after viewing the ProSum.

  • If the first designated approver is the only person that needs to approve, they will mark “no” in the section “Does anyone else need to approve this proposal”.
  • If the first designated approver needs to have it routed to someone else to approve (ex. VP, AVP, Dean), then they will mark “yes” in the section “Does anyone else need to approve this proposal” AND include the email of the next approver.

The form is set up to allow for multiple approvers, if necessary. If additional approvers are needed the form will be filled out by the previous approver with the next approver’s email. Always make sure to include the in the email address

After the completed ProSum is received in OSRP we will conduct an internal review to:

  • Verify compliance with both the funding agency and MSU Denver policies.
  • Coordinate with the Grants & Contracts Accounting Office regarding budget details.
  • Identify items that need to be addressed by the PI, if any exist.


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