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Making a lasting impression on your students starts with us

Teaching is a profession that makes all other professions possible. For many of us, there is at least one teacher who made a profound and long-lasting impact, which may be why you are considering becoming a teacher. Teaching requires patience, diligence, dedication and love. It doesn’t seem easy, but it is doable with the right preparation. Also, it can be enjoyable and satisfying. Our excellent Secondary/K-12 teacher-licensure programs, staff and faculty will prepare you to be an educator who fulfills the mission of the School of Education to “Teach, Lead and Transform” in your teaching career. 

The Department of Secondary Education, K-12 Education and Educational Technology uses six philosophical approaches that are critical in shaping our students into exceptional teachers and educational leaders:  

  • Teachers as agents of change  
  • Culturally responsive teaching  
  • Backward design  
  • Project-based learning  
  • Performance assessment  
  • Data-informed assessment  

These foundations help graduates become confident decision-makers and adaptable teachers equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in any classroom.   

Secondary/K-12 teacher-licensure programs require students to gain hands-on clinical experience in schools. Throughout hundreds of hours of collaborating with experienced teachers in classrooms in addition to all the required course work, you will graduate ahead of the game and be ready to make an immediate difference.

"MSU Denver gave me the confidence to excel in such an amazing, rewarding profession."

Elizabeth Miner

Physical Education Teacher, 2014 Colorado Teacher of the Year

Career Prospects

Here is where a Secondary/K-12 teacher licensure might take you:
Middle/high school teacher, K-12 school teacher (physical education, music, art), teaching abroad, graduate study, any other career related to your content area, and more.

“Metropolitan State University of Denver's rigorous education program assisted me in becoming a leader in my industry by providing me with the training to be organized, have focused and clear goals, and understand how to address the variety of needs and personalities of those in my business. My professors in particular were inspirational in their ability to teach by example and be open minded about every student's opinions.”

Ben Hornick

Secondary Social Studies Teacher

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