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Derek Brekken’s love of storytelling moved the former high school dropout to pursue a degree in PR. Now, his sights are set on law school and a career in media law.

How does a high school dropout end up winning one of Metropolitan State University of Denver’s highest awards for student achievement? Meet Derek Brekken, who’s happy to tell you how. It’s his story. In fact, it was while he was at MSU Denver that he discovered and sharpened his natural talent for telling stories. It has transformed his life.

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Derek Brekken: Spring 2021 Provost Award Winner

Derek’s path to MSU Denver is just about as zig-zaggy as it can get. Yet despite all the twists and turns, one thing is clear – MSU Denver made sense of his past experiences and helped pave the road for his future.

Watch Derek’s commencement speech here.

Student Involvement: Met Media

Derek’s student experience was saturated with involvement in Met Media. Serving as the general manager for Met radio, Derek honed his leadership skills while also producing a number of podcasts covering relevant and newsworthy topics.

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