The Classroom to Career Hub

Colorado’s economy outpaces the nation’s, but demand for talent to fuel that growth often outpaces supply. Employers must import talent at a high cost. At the same time, diverse, skilled, Colorado students lack the professional networks to obtain internships and jobs.

The C2 Hub at MSU Denver is the solution.

The Classroom to Career Hub (C2 Hub) will partner with industry to scale existing programs for all MSU Denver and Community College of Denver (CCD) students to:

  • Support in the creation of career development plans that encourage students to explore career pathways and corresponding educational programs, experience real-world, relevant work and develop their professional networks.
  • Create meaningful connections between industry partners and the most diverse student population in Colorado to create a new future for our Colorado economy and our students.
  • Streamline employer engagement with the University by ensuring every business and nonprofit has a personal concierge at MSU Denver.
  • Solve Colorado’s talent pipeline problems by being a convener to address complex workforce challenges.

Fundraising Priorities for the C2 Hub


C2 Hub Programming

The C2 Hub is an institutional reorganization to align and supplement existing programs and staff to the University’s vision of being an impactful institution supporting career pathways for all Roadrunners.

With a goal of providing intentional career planning and support to 100% of MSU Denver students by 2030, the C2 Hub engages students, faculty and industry partners to design and implement career readiness programs and services that produce the skilled talent Colorado employers need.

Types of intentional career planning and support provided. include peer mentoring, resume and career support, exploratory advising and co-curricular and experiential learning.

C2 Hub Building design

C2 Hub Building

In partnership with Gary Community Ventures and Auraria Higher Education Center, MSU Denver’s C2 Hub will occupy 25,000 square feet of newly-constructed office space in a planned four-story building right off of the Tivoli Quad and adjacent to the Hospitality Learning Center.

The new state-of-the-art space will bring together programs and services currently scattered across campus so that students will have a central location for all of their career needs where they can meet with employers, access mentors, and participate in professional networking events. The new building will be a vibrant, full-service Career Hub on Auraria Campus where employers, students, alumni, faculty and staff can convene to explore and actualize career expectations.

The total cost of MSU Denver’s portion of the new construction is $18.6M. In order to leverage a capital investment from the state, MSU Denver must secure a total of $10M in philanthropic support.

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