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Reimagine Possible. Reimagine Journalism. Reimagine Media Production. Reimagine Change. Reimagine Yourself.

"To be starting at this moment when journalism itself is changing so much. To be part of remaking it into something new. To be reporting on these difficult times. To be battling untruth with truth." -- Ira Glass, Journalist for NPR's This American Life, Commencement Speech at the Columbia Journalism School Graduation, May 17, 2018

​Ira's words not only reflect the change we seek in Journalism, but also the change we seek in every aspect of Media Production - from writing technical communication to public relations, graphic design, video production, broadcasting, social media and leadership in the industry. Be part of the change you seek and join us!



Hanbock girls in Buckchon VillageThe Social Documentary class to South Korea and Japan has been canceled. Coronavirus cases have increased in Korea and the U.S. State Department issued a cautionary travel advisory. “We cannot know whether this will clear up in time for the summer trip, so we made the hard decision to cancel,” said Steve Krizman, assistant professor of journalism and public relations. 


There was a lot of student interest in the trip, so the course likely will be offered next summer. “We’re thinking about doing it over Maymester, which better coincides with the academic schedule at Korea universities,” Krizman said. “I have a list of interested students I will contact in the fall. If you want to be added to the list, let me know.”


Steve Krizman, Journalism

Portrait of JTC student Andrea Herrera
“I love that I was able to dig into most aspects of journalism. It wasn’t, ‘You’re doing print and that’s all you’re doing,’ or ‘You’re only doing broadcasting.’ It was, ‘You can do podcasting, you can do layout and design for a magazine, you can do all that and see what you’re really drawn to.’”

Andrea Herrera

Convergent Journalism major, '18

Career Prospects

Here’s where a degree in Journalism and Media Production might take you:
Feature Writer, Graphic Designer, Investigative Journalist, Multimedia Journalist, Newspaper Reporter, Photojournalist, Scriptwriter, Social Media Manager, Technical Writer, Video Producer, Web Designer and more.

Art Thomas JMP Lecturer
"Originally from Detroit, Michigan - Arthur O. Thomas is an award-winning producer who earned his MBA in International Business (Marketing) at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California. Concurrent with forming his production company - Main Man Films, he logged over 20 years with two Fortune 500 firms and traveled to over 43 countries, giving him a unique perspective on the nuances of navigating through a variety of cultures. Art has been supporting Metropolitan State University Denver students since August of 2011."

Arthur O. Thomas

JMP Lecturer

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