If law school is in your plans for the future, we can help.

Whether you have questions about ideal pre-law coursework, the law school application process, LSAT preparation, or help with the application letter and the decision of where to go when you are accepted, we are here to help.  The Department of Political Science offers advising for all MSU Denver students interested in law school, regardless of your major or minor.  While our Political Science Major/Minor and Legal Studies Minor remain popular options for many, they are not required.  Our mission is to demystify the process for everyone, help you craft the strongest case for acceptance, and provide substantive and technical information that will enrich your education here at MSU Denver and your prospects for the future.

MSU Denver Pre-Law Related Scholarships

While keeping your eye on law school, there are a variety of scholarships that can reduce the costs of your undergraduate degree here at MSU Denver.

Pre-Law Endowed Scholarship is meant to encourage MSU Denver students to continue to maintain high standards and to consider advanced degrees and post-secondary education, particularly law school, after successfully graduating from MSU Denver.

Yarberry-Blumenthal Endowed Scholarship is not specific to pre-law students, but is named after a Law Professor of one of MSU Denver’s Alum.  It is opened to Sophomores, and worth applying for.

Christopher Lee Anderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship is for Criminal Justice or Political Science majors.  The scholarship was established by family, friends and members of the legal community to honor Christopher Lee Anderson who graduated from MSU Denver.

There are a lot of other scholarship opportunities to pursue through the Office of Financial Aid, and students are HIGHLY encouraged to fill out both a general application as well as apply to these and other specific scholarships.  You can sign in to the application portal through the MSU Denver Academic Works Website.

Need Help Paying for the LSAT and LSAT Prep?

MSU Denver Can Provide Funds to Partially Cover the Costs of Both the Exam and Prep Courses

The Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion provides all students with the opportunity to apply for funds through the Professional Development and Funding Program.  Financial need is a consideration, but most students have been able to take advantage of this program.  It requires enrollment, so it is worth starting the application process in the Spring Semester when you plan to take the prep course for a summer exam.  Details and the application can be found here:  Professional Development Funding

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Preparing for Success

Here are just a few examples of law schools our recent graduates have attended.

  • Fordham University School of Law, New York
  • Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, MO
  • George Washington University School of Law
  • University of Denver School of Law
  • Penn State School of Law
  • University of Colorado School of Law
  • American University School of Law, Washington, D.C.
  • Creighton Law School
  • University of Wyoming

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