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Course Transfer Policy

  1. All courses below the Introductory Psychology level are judged by the university to be remedial and are not acceptable as transfer.
  2. Courses with content, credit hours, and course level (upper or lower division) comparable to Metropolitan State University of Denver psychology courses are acceptable for credit toward the major or minor or as degree electives.
  3. Courses taken elsewhere with content and course level comparable to Metropolitan State University of Denver courses but granting more credit can be transferred toward the major or minor. However, only the number of credit hours granted for the comparable Metropolitan State University of Denver course can be applied to the major or minor; additional hours will be applied toward degree electives.
  4. Courses taken elsewhere for lower division credit whose content is similar to an upper-division course at Metropolitan State University of Denver (e.g., Child Psychology) can be transferred as lower division psychology credit and will be acceptable for area requirements (e.g., Developmental) or General Studies credit only if there are lower-division Metropolitan State University of Denver alternatives. No lower-division course (e.g., Learning) will be acceptable for the Experimental area major requirement.
  5. Both terms of two-semester Introductory Psychology courses must be taken for the student to receive transfer equivalency to PSY 1001. When a two-term introductory course is transferred, only 3 hours will be counted toward the major or minor; remaining hours will count as degree electives. If the student minors in psychology, the remaining hours can count toward Level II Social Science credit in the General Studies Program.
  6. Transfer students majoring in psychology must take a minimum of 15 hours of psychology coursework at Metropolitan State University of Denver, of which at least 9 must be upper division.
  7. The appropriateness of transfer courses for Metropolitan State University of Denver General Studies credit will be judged on a course-by-course basis to reflect the university goals. Narrow, specialized topics in psychology are not acceptable for General Studies credit.
  8. Teacher Education will evaluate requests for transfer equivalency to PSY 1800.
  9. If a student took Introduction to Statistics over five years prior to enrolling and wishes to take Inferential, a departmental faculty advisor should determine whether the student needs to repeat the introductory course.

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