Research Club

Research club is a great way to try out research and you can join the club at any point during the semester. Club members develop and conduct studies and present their findings at conferences. Click on the link below for more details and contact inform

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Become a Research Assistant

Some instructors in the department select students as research assistants (RA) for one or two semesters. These students enroll in the RA course (PSY 3370:  Undergraduate Research Assistant) and earn 3 upper division course credits.

Although the format and experiences may differ by instructor and semester you take the course, all students engage in the research process (e.g., learn about and practicing research ethics, conduct a study, analyze data, and practice sharing study results with others).

Click on the link below for faculty research interests and contact information.

Faculty Research Interest

Click on the link below for tips on how to email potential research mentors and potential questions to ask them.

Email Potential Research Mentors


Take Advanced Classes

The department offers two advanced research/statistics classes:  PSY 4320:  Advanced Research Methods and PSY 4450:  Advanced Statistics:  SPSS. Both classes are more applied and highly recommended for students wanting to apply to Ph.D. programs or gain additional skills.



  1. It is okay to be anxious about statistics, research, and not knowing everything! It is a very common experience. These undergraduate experiences are a great way to try out research to find out whether you like it and gain valuable skills for graduate school and careers.
  2. It is also okay to be anxious about speaking to instructors! Instructors know many students feel anxiety about interacting with them. Reach out anyways. Working closely with faculty comes with invaluable mentorship and networking opportunities. It can be a transformative experience.
  3. Some instructors may prefer students who they’ve had in a class before because they know more about their academic and professional behavior. Perform the best you can in your classes to increase your chances of securing an RA position. Some instructors may look at other behaviors too, such the number of absences you had and a pattern of late assignments.
  4. Some instructors, but not all, prefer that you state the two required statistics and research courses first so you have a foundation for the RA course.
  5. If you reach out to an instructor and they say they are not currently taking RAs, consider asking them whether this might change in the near future and what you could do to increase your chances of getting an RA position with them. If an instructor is not currently taking RAs, reach out to another instructor. The skills you develop as an RA are more important that the content you research at this point in time.